How To Add a Phone Number to the Website Header

Learn to insert a click-to-call phone number directly in the header.
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A number of corporate-style websites often need to display contact information on the header. This helps boost visibility and facilitates a way to contact the site owner without having to search for the contact page.

When using our themes, you can add any kind of contact information to the header area by taking advantage of navigation menus. You can make use of either the main or top menu areas, depending on your preferences.

Adding contact information with a menu item

While menus are meant to have links pointing somewhere else, you can create a disabled link by using the Custom Links menu area. If you leave the URL parameter empty or with a hash character (#), the link will appear diabled and won’t take users anywhere when clicking on it.

Add an icon. Our themes allow you to choose a specific icon out from a library of over 300+ different glyphs. Simply add the most relevant one to make your menu item stand out.

Make it highlighted. You can also choose to highlight the phone number by using the Style dropdown in a menu item. This will use the primary color of the theme, and make the individual menu more visible.

Use the tel: protocol. Instead of a normal hyperlink, you can also use the tel:18000000 format in the URL field. This will signal most mobile devices and other intelligent brosers that you are linking directly to a phone number, thus offering the option to click and call.

Remember that you can use menus in up to three different areas of your website: the top area, the header and the footer. This means more opportunities for you to showcase important information without actually creating links that take users off the page.