Homepage Features

Feature blocks of varying sizes used in the homepage of most themes.
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Feature blocks are a custom post type included in some themes that help you create a more attractive homepage.

They act as individual blocks of content, and help you create a custom homepage layout without any effort at all. Each theme may display feature blocks in a different way– some have a multi-column layout, while others may opt for stacking them on top of one another.

You can think of features as the building blocks of your site homepage.feature-blocks

The homepage features are created in the Features section of the admin menu. Each post you add in here corresponds to a single feature, and once created they will automatically show up in the homepage of your website.

Normally, each feature is comprised of three key elements:

  • The title of the post
  • The content of the post
  • The featured image of the block

However, some themes may add additional fields which can be found below the visual editor. Some of these fields may include the following functionality:

  • An icon, which will be prominently displayed in the feature block
  • A destination URL, which will turn the feature block into a link
  • The position of the content box, which may be used on single column blocks
  • A color, which can change the overall palette of a feature

Changing The Number of Feature Columns

If your theme’s feature blocks are displayed on a multi-column format, you can change the number of columns in the Theme Options page. Be aware that there is no limit to the number of feature blocks you can create, and as you add more blocks they will be placed in a new row.

Using An Icon Instead Of An Image

You can also specify an icon instead of an image when creating a feature. This option is present in premium themes, and allow you to select a single icon from an extensive list. The setting is located among the custom fields in each feature. The main advantage of using icons is that they will be completely scalable, and automatically sized. If you specify an icon, it will be used instead of the featured image.