Custom Post Types

Explore the various types of content used in each theme, such as the portfolio or slides.
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Our themes come with a number of standard custom post types. Each one of these will let you add a specific type of content, such as a portfolio item or a testimonial.

Custom post types are displayed in the WordPress dashboard, and each one of them works exactly like the default WordPress posts and pages do.

Each theme in our collection may come with a different number of custom post types included, depending on what the theme is intended for. For example, portfolio themes will inevitably come with a Portfolio, while business-oriented themes may also have Services and Testimonials.

The entire list of possible post types is listed here:

  • Portfolio – used to display your work, clients, or projects
  • Products – used to showcase products
  • Services – used to present your services
  • Slides – used in the homepage slider
  • Features – used in the homepage as blocks
  • Team members – used to display your team
  • Testimonials – used to quote other people

While these custom post types are oriented towards a specific use, you may use them however you want to meet your needs. For example, a portfolio may be used to display your latest works, or to display a gallery of mobile apps. The choice is yours.

Additionally, some themes may include a post type not listed here, in case it’s a very specific theme with a niche usage.

Post Listings

Some post types are intended to be displayed in a list in your website: the portfolio, products, services and team. Whenever a theme includes one of these post types, it will also have a corresponding page template so you may create a listing page (like a team page displaying all your created team members).

All the custom posts available in a theme can be displayed either just on the homepage or on all pages. You also cannot add any new sections on the homepage with custom posts or duplicate the existing ones.