Page Templates

Create special pages with dynamic content, such as a blog page or your team.
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Page templates are a feature unique to static pages, which allow them to use different template files (instead of the usual page.php file) in order to create a different design.

In our themes, the page templates are used to let you add additional content to a specific page. This extra content is often dynamically generated, and can change as you add other types of content throughout your website.

For instance, you can use a Blog template to insert a list of your latest posts– much like the homepage blog. As you create more posts, this template will automatically grab the latest ones in chronological order, saving you the time to update it.

Be aware that our themes do not use page templates to change the layout of a page, and instead using the Layout Options present in every piece of content in your website.

Basic Templates

Every theme comes with the following basic templates:

Blog Page Template

Adds a list of the latest posts in your site, from most recent to oldest. This template is intended to let you create a fully working blog within your site, instead of tweaking the reading settings. By using it, you can also add any content you want in the page’s visual editor.

Sitemap Page

Adds a list of your site’s pages, as well as your most recent posts and post categories. This template is intended for creating a workable map of your whole site, so visitors can make their way around and locate content more easily.

Submenu Page Template

Adds a small navigation menu at the top of the page. This menu will display the topmost ancestor of the current page, as well as any other page that is as a child of that ancestor. This template can help you build a working navigation across a number of pages, making it ideal for grouping similar ones.

Theme-specific Templates

Additionally, some themes come with specific page templates depending on their focus. For example, a portfolio theme will include a Portfolio page template, which works very similar to the blog. The following lists shows all possible templates:

Portfolio Page Template

Displays a list or grid of portfolio items, ordered by their Order field from lowest to highest. This template is specifically used to create your main portfolio listing. The template also includes a navigation menu comprised of the portfolio categories.

Products Page Template

Displays a list of the products you have created in your website. Works much like the portfolio template, displaying your services in a list or grid layout. This template may also display additional details about the product, like the price.

Services Page Template

Displays a list of the Services you have created in your website. Works much like the portfolio template, displaying your services in a list or grid layout.

Team Page Template

Displays a list of your team members, much like the previous two. This template will create a grid of all your team members, but will display no links since team members don’t have their own pages.