Showcase your commercial services in a dedicated page.
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Some of our themes come with the ability to add a Services page. This functionality works much like the portfolio, where you can add any number of elements to showcase your commercial services.

Creating Services

Services are created in the Services section of your WordPress admin panel. They work just like a normal post or page would, and can have the same basic elements: a title, a content, and a number of custom fields.

Image Layouts

Services, much like portfolios, can have a media layout on their respective pages. You can choose from up to three different layouts, and they will appear right before the content in each service.

Service Categories & Tags

Services can be grouped into various categories. You can use them to create different pages with a specific set of services in each one. The difference between categories and tags is very simple: categories will display a navigation menu with all the categories you have created, whereas tags will simply display the list of services.

Adding Services to the Homepage

All services have an option that lets you mark them as Featured, such that they will appear in the homepage. This option is located in each service, below the visual editor. You can feature as many services as you want, and the resulting layout will vary depending on which theme you are using.