Where Can I Find My License Key?

Learn how to activate your theme using your license key.
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When buying any of our premium themes, you can optionally add your license key to your website. By activating the theme with a license, you will gain access to automatic updates straight from the WordPress dashboard.

That means that you will be immediately notified when there is an update available, instead of having to check the CPOthemes website for a new version. Additionally, updates will be made with a single click, just like with plugins from the official WordPress repository.

Where Are The Licenses?

You can find your licenses in the Purchase History section of your dashboard. In here, search for your transaction, and click on View Licenses. Depending on the purchase you made, you will see a list of all the available licenses for each WordPress theme.

Once you have located the appropriate WordPress theme, click on the Key icon, and you will be able to see your license code.

How To Activate My License

There are two ways to activate your license key for a specific site. Be aware that you only need to do one of these:

  1. Either you go to your website’s dashboard > Appearance > About Allegiant, for example > Registration > add your license in the instructed input and save.
  2. Alternatively, you can click on the Manage Sites link where you found your key, and add the URL of your website.