How To Create A Landing Page

How to create a landing page without the need of additional plugins.
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Our themes can be readily used to create a landing page without the need to use additional plugins.

How to Create a Blank Page

Using the layout options, you can create a page with virtually nothing on it. You should use the following settings:

  • No sidebar
  • No header
  • No title
  • No footer

After doing this, you will get a page that only displays the content you add in the Visual Editor. Using the CPO Shortcodes plugin, you can add a number of multimedia elements to create a custom layout.

For example, you can add the following elements:

  • Two columns to separate the content
  • Accordions with hidden info
  • Feature blocks with bullet points
  • Call To Action Buttons

How to Create a Minimal Page

There may be occasions where you might need a page with the bare minimum: keeping the branding but discarding all the menus and navigation links. This type of page is heavily used in shopping carts or conversion pages, where you need to get rid of all possible distractions.

To create a minimal page, you can use the layout options and set them to Minimal. this will remove the navigation menu, top bar, the page title and image, and the footer sidebars and menu.