List Of Theme Hooks

The full list of custom WordPress hooks added to our themes, for maximum flexibility.
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Our themes have a very standardized markup, in order to keep their design consistent and highly upgradable. Our most recent themes come loaded with hooks, which provide you with a lot of ways to add various elements to the layout or changing existing elements.

List Of Action Hooks

The following is a list of all action hooks used in the theme. Action hooks are used liberally throughout the design of a theme to add maximum flexibility. Bear in mind that these are only the ones added by CPOThemes, and that the core WordPress hooks are not included in the list.

  • cpotheme_before_wrapper
  • cpotheme_top
  • cpotheme_header
  • cpotheme_before_main
  • cpotheme_before_content
  • cpotheme_after_content
  • cpotheme_after_main
  • cpotheme_subfooter
  • cpotheme_before_footer
  • cpotheme_footer
  • cpotheme_after_footer
  • cpotheme_after_wrapper

List Of Filter Hooks

The following is a list of filter hooks, which are used to format or modify existing content as it is being generated. Like with the previous list, be aware that the core filter hooks are not shown and that only the ones added by CPOThemes will be listed:

  • cpotheme_404
  • cpotheme_header_image
  • cpotheme_metadata_layout
  • cpotheme_metadata_portfolio
  • cpotheme_slug_portfolio
  • cpotheme_slug_portfolio_category
  • cpotheme_slug_portfolio_tag
  • cpotheme_slug_service
  • cpotheme_slug_service_category
  • cpotheme_slug_service_tag
  • cpotheme_slug_team_category