Customization Guide: Introduction

Introduction to the different ways you can customize a WordPress theme.
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Our themes give you a wide array of tools to customize them, or make small tweaks to the layout without needing to manually edit the source code.

Tweaking The CSS Stylesheet

Our themes allow you to make specific tweaks to the CSS styles, by using the Additional CSS field located in the Customizer panel. In here you can define additional rules or overwrite existing ones to adapt the layout to your needs. Any style created here will be save in the database and can persist between theme switches.

Furthermore, the styles you create using this field will overwrite the main stylesheet as well as most plugins, so you can use it to style widgets and other pieces of content.

Creating A Child Theme

If you wish to make extensive modifications to the theme, the best way to do so is to use a child theme. Child themes are, in general terms, a theme that inherits all the traits of the parent theme, allowing you to only include the files you wish to modify.

This allows you to leave the original theme untouched, and be able to roll back any changes you make.

You can find more information on child themes on the official WordPress Codex.