Customization Guide: Modifying Theme Files

A list of editable theme files for WordPress themes.
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If the theme options don’t have a particular setting you need, you can customize the theme files to your needs.

Every theme in the collection comes with the same file structure, and the same functionality applies regardless of which one you are using.

Homepage sections

Every theme that has a custom homepage includes the following files. These files are prefixed with homepage-. Each file correspond to an individual section, such as the feature blocks or the portfolio:

  • homepage-slider.php
  • homepage-features.php
  • homepage-portfolio.php
  • homepage-services.php
  • homepage-testimonials.php
  • homepage-team.php
  • homepage-clients.php

Individual elements

Common design elements, such as blog posts, are located in individual files so that you can modify them all in one place. These files are prefixed with the element- name. Themes include the following files:

  • element-blog.php
  • element-page-header.php
  • element-portfolio.php
  • element-portfolio-related.php
  • element-feature.php
  • element-service.php
  • element-testimonial.php
  • element-team.php
  • element-client.php