Displaying different sidebar widgets on specific pages

Learn to customize your widgets depending on which page is being shown.
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At times, you may want to have some pages in your website showing a specific set of widgets. For instance, if you have a corporate website, you may want to show your recent posts in the blog, and your newsletters in the rest of the site.

Our themes provide you up to two different sidebars, so you can create a three-column layout with a primary and a secondary set of widgets. But if you want the sidebars to be different for each page, you will need to use a plugin.

Creating Custom Sidebars

To do this, you can use the Custom Sidebars plugin. It is freely available from the official plugin repository and our themes are fully compatible.

This plugin allows you to create new widget areas (be it a sidebar or a footer column), and they can be set to replace an existing one if certain conditions are met. For example, you can create a new sidebar named ‘Blog‘, and make it replace the ‘Primary‘ sidebar when the page of your blog is being shown.

It is highly recommended to give them a self-descriptive name, so you remember where they will appear.

To create new sidebars go to Appearance > Widgets > create a new sidebar. They will behave like any other sidebar, and you can add any number of widgets onto them.