Add clients or sponsors who are closely working with you.
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Some themes have the ability to showcase your clients, as well as the ability to link to them.

Clients are added in the Clients section of the WordPress admin panel. In here, you can create any number of clients much like you would with a page or post.

Unlike more complex post types, clients only have the following fields:

  • A title representing the name of the client
  • A featured image meant to visually represent the client
  • A URL that you can type to link somewhere

As soon as the are created, clients will appear on your homepage or designated area– depending on which theme you are using. Normally, a client may be shown only as a single image (using the featured image of the post), but some designs may also display the title of the client.

You can also link a client to a specific page, by filling out the URL field. The client will become clickable.