CPOThemes is a premium WordPress theme online store. We strive to create clean & professional templates that allow users to focus on content by making them powerful, yet easy to customize. Our main focus when developing each theme is quality, not quantity, carefully taking our time to polish every little detail and ensure every release is ready to be launched.

Why WordPress?

As of 2012, WordPress has become the most widely used CMS (Content Management System) for web publishing. Over 15% of the top websites are powered by it, and it has been downloaded millions of times over. As a reult, there are now tons of resources readily available for this platform.

CPOThemes is committed to creating themes that excel in quality, letting you focus on simply creating content while not worrying about anything else. To that extent, we strive to make themes that are highly reliable, compatible, flexible, and of course sporting a really polished design. That way, you can dedicate all your efforts towards having a better site.

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Our Story

We started back in the early to mid 2000s, when web design was still new. Back then, we began as a small company by doing custom website projects for clients, with designs tailored to suit the needs of each one. At one point we even developed our custom framework, which was used to power a number of client sites before giving way to a better, community-driven CMS.

We noticed the WordPress platform a couple years ago, when it was still gaining traction as the most popular system in use. After using it for a while and learning to create custom themes, we decided to switch to this new system, which in the end turned out to be a great idea.

Today, we are committed to creating great themes that anyone can use without losing any flexibility at all. Our main focus is and will be to provide quality software coupled with quality service, which means lending great support to our theme users.