Most of us have seen it: people create a new site, purchase a premium WordPress theme, and set out to write a few pages of content. While having a great design for your website nowadays is a must, creating good content is equally as important. And yet, it is often the most neglected aspect of a new site. Writing great content is no easy task, as it requires refined communication skills, as well as being able to effectively transmit your ideas to the reader. However, there is more to creating interesting pages than only text; you can make use of other media elements to craft an attractive experience, one that will surely capture your reader’s attention.

Write Focused Content

One of the most important things to keep in mind when writing great content is to be concise. The secret to successfully explaining an idea lies in short phrases that are straight to the point, so that your reader can easily digest the information. Poor writing skills can affect how well you communicate your message, but separating your different ideas into small, easily readable blurbs of text can minimize this. Moreover, forcing yourself to be concise also makes your writing more focused and direct.

Add Content Design

We’ve all encountered useful and detailed, yet boring articles due to being too uniform and lengthy. The same can be said of your content if it gets too long and lacks variety. We recently spoke on the importance of content design, and how it brings flavor and personality to your pages. While creating relevant copy is certainly important, it must be properly formatted and designed such that your readers become interested even when skimming through it.

One way to accomplish this is to use short, well-defined paragraphs accompanied by other design elements, such as blockquotes or headings. These elements break the flow of the article, and make it look less monotone and boring as well as giving the reader’s eyes a brief pause to rest. Here is a small list of all the design elements you can use to improve your content:

  • Lists to enumerate items in an ordered or unordered manner
  • Icons that accompany small blocks of text
  • Accordions with toggled content, that the visitor can interact with
  • Images or video, more on that later

These elements can provide the fun element to your pages, so it’s always good to add them in. Be careful to not overuse them though, as having too many colors and shapes can distract your visitor from the real content.

Add Complementary Images

An essential part of writing great content is to know when to accompany your copy with images. As you might know, images are a great resource when properly used, as they can transmit emotion way better than text. They’re also great attention grabbers, especially if they are colorful and provide information in interesting ways.

One thing you should keep in mind when creating content is to make sure your images complement your copy. You can do this by making use of images that are related in some way to the message you wish to convey. This helps in establishing a relationship between your copy and the intended message, by bridging the two of them in the mind of your reader. Conversely, using completely unrealted visuals can even be detrimental to your site, as they can steer the visitor in the opposite direction.


Writing great content is no easy feat. It takes time, skill, and a lot of patience to nail the perfect paragraphs for your website. However, writing is only a part of it, and you can take advantage of a few tricks to add flavor to your site. There are plenty of great guides around for that, too.

You can give it shape, color, and personality in order to make it truly exciting. When done right, well-designed content will surely catch the attention of the reader.