Creating WordPress themes for weddings is one of the most challenging tasks for a development team. No matter the tools used, these themes will drain the creators’ energy. There is a subtle yet essential difference between a wedding and a business or portfolio theme. A wedding theme should express emotion—joy, happiness, and nervousness—while others themes need functionality and a good UX. It’s simpler to improve conversions than to reflect the feelings of a family to be.

The good news is that plenty of developers have worked hard to create WordPress themes for weddings. The majority of them are spine-tingling and, at the same time, user-friendly. Finding the proper WordPress theme for a wedding is a time-consuming activity. Organizing a wedding involves a lot of time, so we want to help young couples who are ready to take an oath of love for forever.

In the next lines, I will showcase 20 appealing WordPress themes for weddings. All of them have been handpicked and carefully tested. Check them out, and let us know which one is your favorite.


  1. Wedding

The name of the theme is suggestive enough to understand its purpose. Wedding is cross-browser compatible, fully responsive, and retina ready. Visitors will have the same good user experience no matter the device, operating system, or browser used.

The theme comes with wedding-specific pages, such as “Our Story,” “Wedding Events,” “Accommodations,” “Bridesmaids & Groomsmen,” and “RSVP.” You have the entire arsenal to create an interesting wedding website.

On top of that, Wedding has sections for a blog and image albums. In this way, you can update guests with the latest news and delight them with image slideshows. It’s a freshly launched theme, and I believe that it will be featured in many other theme collections shortly.


  1. OneLove

OneLove is a theme designed to fit for any wedding purpose. The theme is suitable for weddings, and it’s also a reliable choice for wedding anniversaries, wedding blogs, wedding shops, or wedding photography portfolios.

It’s versatile because of the wealth of features and customization options. First, the tailored Visual Composer builder allows users to create web pages with ease without writing a line of code. Second, the header and footer variations give you plenty of choices to craft a good-looking website. Third, you have at your disposal 19 demos to inspire you and to eventually use for your project.

OneLove is WooCommerce compatible, so you can start an online business with this theme.


  1. Amore Wedding

The homepage of this theme is stunning, and all you have to do is replace the names of the couple featured. The counter is elegant and unobtrusive while the message “Ana and James will be the happiest couple” entices people to participate in the wedding.

Another plus of Amore Wedding is the “Our Story” section. Here the most important events of the future family are showcased using an excellent vertical timeline. The image gallery is simple and attractive and lets the viewers focus on the images.

Amore Wedding is a one-page website that is fast loading; mobile users will appreciate this fact.


  1. Grand Wedding

Grand Wedding is a theme for people who like to have control over every pixel on their websites. The theme has 35 predefined web pages for wedding-related topics. It has eight templates for photo galleries, eight menu styles, and ten blog designs. These options are more than enough to create a unique wedding site.

You can also add your personal touch by using the drag-and-drop page builder. The maps, the RSVP pages, sidebars, header, and footer are all fully customizable. Grand Wedding allows you to use a full image as well as video background for the homepage.

Overall, it’s no wonder why this theme is highly appreciated by customers.


  1. John and Jerry

John and Jerry is a simple theme that can be customized even by non-tech-savvy people. You don’t have a plethora of options because the developers put a lot of thought into it, and the theme is almost perfect as is. The theme emanates happiness and warmth, so the chances are that people will love your wedding website.

The color scheme—red and white—works flawlessly with the richness of white space. Plus, the heart icons placed on each page are the small detail that makes the difference. John and Jerry proves, once again, that simplicity is sexy!


  1. Lovely Time

Lovely Time is the perfect wedding theme if you want to express refinement. The handwritten font used for the subtitles goes hand-in-hand with big areas of white space. The simple forms compliment the entire layout, and the output is fantastic.

The theme has many styling options with 12 different pages, three background patterns, three header styles, six color styles, and four homepage variations.

Another exciting feature of this theme is the integration of social media buttons. It’s a helpful feature; imagine how much time the bride and the groom could spend calling the guests to inform them of a last-minute change. It’s significantly more straightforward to write a blog post and share it via Facebook and Twitter.


  1. Butterfly

Butterfly is a theme that sails with three homepage versions: Image Slider, YouTube, and Gradient. Image Slider is the best choice if you want to highlight images of the couple, YouTube allows you to use full video backgrounds, and Gradient is the homepage of a “classic” site.

This theme is suitable for a modern couple. No matter the homepage versions, Butterfly expresses freshness and naturalness. There are no fancy items but only what you need to inform and delight the guests.

Other pluses of the theme are the discrete image animations and the warm color scheme.


  1. LoveBond

Couples who want a theme that stands out should give LoveBond a try. It’s a simple and easy-to-customize theme that is unique and looks great. The hamburger menu for desktop version is rare amongst WordPress themes for weddings. LoveBond creators did an excellent job by implementing it.

The angled shapes are also a rarely seen technique for wedding websites. Once again, the developers took a risk, and I believe that it was a winning bet.

What do you think? Is LoveBond a theme that stands out, or did the developers go too far and it isn’t suitable for the wedding niche?


  1. Wedding Cart Invitation

This theme is a fresh alternative to the previous one; it’s a unique concept too. Instead of wasting time with tons of styling options, Wedding Cart Invitation is minimalist. It can be customized in less than an hour by an average WordPress user.

The dynamic effects emphasize the idea of efficiency and simplicity. However, it hurts the website’s usability. Anytime you visit a section, hit the “Menu” button to come back to the homepage. A “Back” button would make sense in this case.

Either way, the theme deserves your attention regardless of this minor drawback, which you can quickly correct.


  1. Fleur

Fleur is a versatile theme that fits multiple purposes: wedding site or wedding invitations, jewelry or bridal store, feminine blog, or photography portfolio. The warm color scheme makes this theme suitable for feminine purposes.

The countless features and options are responsible for theme’s versatility. It has 13 homepage versions, 800+ Google fonts, six blog formats, and six blog post types. On top of that, shortcodes such as “Intro Section,” “Info Box,” “Workflow,” “Team,” and “Video” add extra functionality to your website.

Fleur is responsive, retina ready, and WooCommerce enabled, so you can start selling directly from your website.


  1. Best Moments

Best Moment is a standard theme for weddings. The homepage features a portrait of the couple, while the “Couple” and “Story” sections present the bride and the groom and their love story. The next web pages inform the guests about the events and locations, most important participants, and of course, the RVSP form.

The blog and gallery aren’t mandatory for a wedding site, but Best Moments is gifted with these two sections.

The theme is responsive, retina-ready and SEO-optimized, and the code behind the theme is W3C compliant. Therefore, any website built using Best Moments is compatible with any device and is bug free.


  1. Plan My Day

Plan My Day is a theme that is fitting for every service and activity related to weddings. Not only is it the proper theme for wedding organizing businesses, but it can also be the basis of an online store because it’s compatible with WooCommerce plugin.

The theme has all the web pages required for a wedding website. Plus, it comes with pages specific to a wedding agency, such as “About Us,” “Services,” and “Pricing.”


  1. Falero

Falero is a peculiar item in this list of WordPress themes for weddings. It’s a theme for wedding photographers, but with a few hours of customization, it could be turned into a wedding site.

The homepage is designed to entice people with a full image or a video background. The photo gallery allows for a vast array of display options for presenting the best works. Falero’s blog looks great, and you could use it to attract customers by writing compelling content.


  1. Wedding

Brides and grooms who prefer visuals instead of text should go for Wedding—a responsive and mobile-friendly theme. It impresses with its big, bold typography and heavy usage of images. The discrete menu, the small text areas, and the negative spaces create a clean layout. In this case, the images added to the site should be high quality and eye catching.

People who need extended functionality should use the many shortcodes of the theme—all are useful, good-looking, and add that much-needed sparkle.


  1. Jack and Rose

Jack and Rose is one of the best-selling themes on Theme Forest because it comes with amazing features. Plus, it looks great no matter the device used.

Jack and Rose users can customize the theme with a powerful page builder; they can start from scratch or import a demo with a single click. The theme distinguishes itself from others with fancy effects, clean design, and plenty of styling options.


  1. Big Day

The most advanced WordPress users must consider Big Day for any kind of wedding-related website. Big Day impresses with a multitude of pages and options. Less-trained users may have problems styling it, though.

If you own a business in this field and you need a design revamp, Big Day might be what you need. It has pages, features, and items specifically for wedding businesses.


  1. Wedding Engine

If you or your partner like one-page websites, go for Wedding Engine. It’s a theme that will impress even the most demanding tastes with its elegant design, CSS/jQuery animation effects, original blog, and beautiful RSVP form.

Wedding Engine gives the possibility of featuring images and videos; it’s easy to delight viewers with stunning visuals. The theme sails with a reminder countdown, cool sliders, and unlimited typography and color options.


  1. CuckooLove

CuckooLove is one of the most complex WordPress themes for weddings. The homepage image slider lets you feature the best images of the couple and eventually display the celebration date. The theme supports a video background too.

Next, you can group the images into collections, and you have many sliding and animation effects available to capture the viewers’ attention. Control freaks should be happy, you will have full control over every pixel. The homepage builder, advanced theme panel, and 80 shortcodes are enough for a deep theme styling.


  1. Celebration

Celebration is suitable for three kinds of projects: weddings, class reunions, wedding planners. All three versions delight users with distinctive typography and cool buttons and icons.

Each demo looks stunning and is fully functional; you can demo import, personalize, and launch your site online. Much more, each demo has particular pages that are truly useful; for instance, the wedding planner demo has a built-in calculator to get an idea of the cost of a ceremony.


  1. Unite

Unlike the previous WordPress themes for weddings, Unite is free of charge but has premium features. It works for wedding sites and is WooCommerce enabled, SEO-friendly, and responsive. In other words, Unite is a good fit for doing business.

Surprisingly, Unite has many customization options and shortcodes. It’s clearly one of the most feature-rich free themes.

This is the end of our collection of WordPress themes for weddings. I hope that you have found the proper theme for your project. It would be great to know your opinion about these themes. Please leave a comment and let us know what you think and which theme is your favorite.