There is no denying that WordPress the best content management system in the world.

In 2019 alone, WordPress powers more than 35% of all websites on the internet. And out of all the known CMS solutions, WordPress accounts for 61% of usage altogether.

But, as with anything in life, there are going to be faults and inconsistencies. And when it comes to the default WordPress search — in some cases, it can leave people unsatisfied.

Here are common issues for the default search in WordPress:

  • You cannot look up content in specific categories.
  • Search results are often random and without clear direction.
  • You need to use a plugin to enable auto-search.
  • Results for search queries are not highlighted.
  • If you have a lot of posts, the default search will slow down your site.

Clearly, there are a number of people that want more from WordPress’ search functionality – so in this post, we’re going to take a look at the best WordPress search plugins available designed to improve the WordPress search experience.

Data tells us time and time again that customers care about the search function, and even the slightest delay can result in extreme loss of revenue.

We’ll focus on WordPress search plugins which cover many basic necessities, but also plugins which deliver superb advanced search features. The latter is especially important if you operate a busy blog, news site, or even an eCommerce store.

Can you find a reliable WordPress search plugin for free?

I’m sure a lot of you have this question. And the answer is that sure, there are free WordPress search plugins which will improve the default functionality. But if you want a truly sturdy and robust solution, then making a nominal investment is a must.

That said, let’s see what we have in store for the most popular WordPress search plugins. From premium to free, and all the in-between.

#1: Ivory Search

Ivory Search Plugin - Improves WordPress Site Search

For the number of free features that you get with this plugin, it easily deserves the number #1 spot in this roundup.

Ivory Search provides a complete overhaul for how WordPress search works, yet manages to do it in a simple and easy to understand manner.

After you’re done with installing the plugin, it immediately takes you to the main dashboard. This is where you’ll be able to adjust custom settings and much more.

Ivory Search Plugin Settings
Ivory Search Dashboard

The image above showcases settings for the content that you want to include in your search results. You can configure Ivory Search in such a way that only relevant content appears for any given search term.

Additional custom options include settings such as:

  • Highlight search terms
  • Display sticky posts in search results
  • How many search results per page
  • Whether to display a custom page for empty searches
  • … and a lot more!

The premium version which starts at $20 per year includes many additional features. Including searching through author posts, specific taxonomies, and features like post exclusion. With the free version alone, the search experience of your WordPress blog will benefit greatly!

#2: Relevanssi

Relevanssi Search Plugin

Relevanssi is one of the longest standing WordPress search plugins, and has accumulated over 2.4M downloads over time. The company provides a free version which will immediately boost how the search works on your WordPress site.

One of the things that Relevanssi does differently is that the plugin indexes your entire WordPress posts database. This means that you’re going to save a ton of resources in terms of making custom search queries. The potential downside to this is that you are going to need a substantial amount of free disk space to store all that archived index.

Relevanssi Settings Dashboard
Within a single click of a button, you can Index your entire WordPress posts content.

Besides this, there are plenty of great features to boost your default search.

Here are some of those features:

  • Sort results by their relevance opposed to publishing date.
  • Use “fuzzy matching” to search for word combinations.
  • Search exact phrases using the “quotation marks”.
  • Multi-site friendly.
  • Find relevant results in all document types.

You can also do things like put weight on certain content elements. E.g. Prioritize Titles or Tags for displaying search results. Further, you can log all user-made search queries to see which posts get the most hits. And at the same time, which search queries return no results at all.

The annual membership for premium access costs around $120 per year.

#3: Algolia

Algolia was never built as a solution specifically for WordPress. In fact, this is a SaaS product developed for and used by platforms such as Y Combinator, Twitch, Stripe and many others.

Leo Colombaro is the only WordPress developer who has ported this search system into a WordPress plugin. But even then, you’re going to need an active subscription with Algolia to make it work. If you look at Algolia’s documentation you’ll find plenty of information on how to do this yourself.

An example of the Algolia search system as used by the infamous Hacker News website.

On the pricing side of things, Algolia does offer a free Community plan. Ideal for those just starting out. However, serious content producers and platforms should consider making the investment of $29 per month for advanced features and better reliability.

#4: SearchWP

SearchWP - Improve Your Search Functionality

The only caveat for SearchWP is that it’s a premium-only search plugin for WordPress. Despite that, it is built like a rock. SearchWP takes the entire WordPress search system and replaces it with a powerful engine.

As you will find in the settings panel, this plugin gives you all the right tools to ensure that your WP search functions exactly as you want it to. With the main focus on users having the ability to find the exact piece of content based on their search query.

SearchWP - Custom Settings Panel

Furthermore, SearchWP adds many different modules to further enhance your search:

  • Live search based on AJAX. See results before hitting Enter!
  • Custom Modal form that you can add anywhere.
  • Highlight specific search terms if the setting is enabled.
  • Use a Shortcode to place a search from anywhere on the site, including inside your blog posts.
  • Integration with plugins like WooCommerce, bbPress, Easy Digital Downloads, and others.

Sure, the pricing is steep. $99 for Standard and $149 for Pro — but this amount of features and flexibility should well make up for itself. Like we already learned, the site search is arguably the most important site feature.

#5: Sooqr

Sooqr - Make Your WordPress Search Awesome

Sooqr is a relatively new search plugin for WordPress. And, it is specifically tailored for eCommerce needs. So, if you’re using WooCommerce on the daily — then Sooqr might have something to offer to boost not only your search results but also your revenue.

A good search engine generates relevant results, and that is exactly what Sooqr does! As a web shop owner you decide what’s on top with our Ranking Rules, a really powerful tool for selling what you want to sell.

Other features include instant results, custom filters, and search result sorting. Precisely the kind of features that an eCommerce store would require. It’s early to say how well Sooqr is going to perform in the long run, but their initial offering is extremely enticing.

Anyone can sign-up for the free 30-day trial and this should be plenty of time to see if Sooqr improves both your sales and customer satisfaction.

#6: Ajax Search Pro

Ajax Search Pro

Sure, Codecanyon plugins can be either hit or a miss. But Ajax Search Pro has more than 10,000 active customers; certainly making this a successful search plugin. And as the name implies, this is a plugin successful for its Ajax functionality.

In other words, this plugin will auto-complete all search queries made by your users. So, rather than having to load a new page with all the results, Ajax Search Pro will present relevant content in real-time.

Of course, users can still click the Search button and be redirected to a search results page. That said, what else does Ajax Search Pro has to offer?

Here are our favorite features:

  • Fully responsive and works great on mobile devices.
  • Customizable so that you can adopt a new design.
  • Compatible with Visual Composer for implementing this plugin inside many different areas of your site.
  • Back-end settings for adding filters, search options, and many other configuration options.

The price for this amazing plugin is $24 one-time fee, which also gives you 6 months of free support.

#7: Reactive Search Pro

Reactive Search Pro for WordPress

Continuing with our Codecanyon review, there’s another WP search plugin worth a mention. This one, Reactive Search Pro, has around 2,000 active users and provides a tremendous set of search features.

It is powered by React Redux, which means that you’ll be able to edit settings using a thoroughly optimized dashboard panel. Further, it’s quite simple to install, and works out of the box.

Reactive Search Pro - Custom Search Features

But, I know you’re dying to know the features and what makes this search plugin so popular in the first place. So, here it is, a list of the best features, some of which might entice you to give this plugin a try.

  • Build your search forms using a Drag & Drop builder.
  • Filter search results based on post types, metadata, including data from plugins like Advanced Custom Fields.
  • Search Media, specifically, search for Images. This can be either through filename or through added meta-data such as descriptions.
  • Super compatible with eCommerce needs. Make your customers find the products they want with ease.
  • Experiment with multiple layouts for how search results are displayed.

If you visit the Reactive Pro homepage, you can actually experiment with all of the demos and get a firsthand feel for them. This will save you the headache from purchasing a plugin that otherwise isn’t a good fit for your site.

#8: Swiftype

Swiftype - Smart Search for WordPress

Like many solutions in this best of WP search plugins — Swiftype is also based on the concept of SaaS. As such, Swiftype can be implemented in custom applications, but thankfully, they’re also actively developing a WordPress plugin.

The Site Search by Swiftype revamps the default search function with something more robust. Expect better search results, more relevant queries, and an analytics dashboard that shows you what your users are searching for and when.

Swiftype - Settings Dashboard
Swiftype Search Dashboard for WordPress

As a SaaS app, Swiftype stores all of your data in its own secure cloud data servers. So, there’s very little strain that’s being put on your site. A huge plus for all you publishers who are dealing with immense amounts of data.

The above example showcases the simplicity of the Swiftype dashboard. Settings are mostly based on click On/Off, and you can regulate the strength for certain ratios that are taken into consideration when users use the search function.

Overall, this is a sturdy and reliable solution — ideal for large sites that deal with lots of content and even sub-content like comments and portfolio items.


WPSOLR - Search Plugins for WordPress

The default search function built inside WordPress hardly provides a great search experience to your users. As a result, alternatives like WPSOLR (Based on Apache Solr) are an excellent pick.

Sure, Apache’s Solr is free and open-source software. However, in this case, WPSOLR has been tailored specifically for WordPress. And as such, it will set you back around $250 per year or $40 per month. That said, it’s more than fair of a price given how powerful Solr is for search-related needs.

WPSOLR - Features

In their own words, WPSOLR can look up to 3 million data records in less than 200ms. As such, this is a search plugin intended for a massive magazine or editorial sites dealing with millions of search queries on a daily basis.

And seeing how WordPress is popular amongst the most visited sites in the world, there’s no doubt in our minds that WPSOLR is serving a necessary purpose.

#10: Cherry Search

Cherry Search - WordPress Plugin

And lastly, we have Cherry Search — a WordPress search plugin with more than 20,000 active users. This plugin implements advanced search features so that your users can find content in its entirety.

Cherry Search - Settings

It’s no secret that WordPress taxonomies such as tags, categories, titles, and other meta-data can quickly pile up. By using Cherry Search — users will find it easy to locate the content they need with eagle-eye precision.

Here are the features you can expect:

  • Replace the native search form with the one provided by Cherry.
  • Include or Exclude categories from specific search results.
  • Users can filter search results based on Ascending or Descending ratio.
  • Limit the number of search results users are going to see per one query.
  • Choose to show or hide post thumbnails. Great to save on resources!

And, of course, a lot more. Since the plugin is completely free, this might just be the one to use to improve your WordPress search experience.


WordPress is a phenomenal blogging and content management platform. It’s no surprise that WordPress developers have created more than 10,000 free themes and more than 55,000 free plugins.

And while the default search function might have it faults, we’ve seen plenty of evidence in this roundup that there are sound solutions available at your disposal.

We’d love to know what you think about WordPress search, and don’t hesitate to let us know about your favorite plugins!