Looking for the best search plugins for WordPress to provide a wonderful experience to your users? I got your pulse. Have some corns and be with me throughout the article and I will be sharing with you some top search plugins for WordPress.

Believed by millions, WordPress is an efficacious CMS to build full-fledged modern websites. We frequently use WordPress plugins to test and implement more functionalities in the websites.

WordPress also facilitates search function as its core feature and the default search functionality is not that effective and efficient when it comes to using it for huge sites having not just posts and pages. The default search of WordPress doesn’t search custom post types and taxonomies. Various Wordpress developers have coded stunning search plugins for WordPress that help in increasing the traffic of your website and configure an advanced search option to your website.

To extend the search ability, interface and make your website’s work easier, you need some WordPress search plugins which will improve your search function. And to control WordPress search and to implement a powerful search solution in a WordPress site, I have listed some of the best search plugins. These plugins help in your search rate and make it easy for your website to be searched.

Let’s get started!

Table of contents
1. Search WP
2. WPSolr
3. Relevanssi
4. Search Everything
5. Ajax Search Pro
6. Smart Ajax Product Search
7. Ajax Search for WooCommerce
8. Swiftype Search
9. Dave’s WordPress Live Search
10. YITM WooCommerce search plugins
11. ACF: Better Search
12. Ivory Search
13. Algolia
14. Sooqr
15. Reactive Search Pro
16. Cherry Search
17. Site Search 360

What To Look For In A Search Plugin

Before we dive into the plugins, let’s go over what you should look for in a search plugins so you can find the best plugin for your website, whether it’s an online magazine or an online store. 

1. Check The Ratings And Reviews

The first step when considering a search plugin for your WordPress website is to check the ratings and reviews. The higher rated the plugin is and the more positive reviews it has, the better the chances are that it will serve your needs and do what you need it to do. 

Be on the lookout for plugins that have at least 4 or 4,5 star rating and a healthy number of actual reviews. You can also check how many support threads have been resolved as this is a good indication that the developers are active and that they will be there if you run into any problems. 

If you’re downloading a plugin from a third-party website (instead of the official plugin repository), make sure to do a Google search for any potential third-party reviews to ensure the plugin works as intended.

2. Pay Attention To The Update Frequency

While some plugins need to update more frequently than others, be sure to check how often the plugin is updated. If you see that the latest update happened over 6 months ago or that updates happen irregularly, be cautious if you decide to go ahead and use the plugin anyway. 

Irregular or infrequent updates might mean that the developer is not invested in actively maintaining and developing the plugin further which means you could wind up looking for an alternative. 

It also poses a security risk as outdated plugins can be used to gain access to your site and inject malicious code. 

3. Make Sure It Has Desired Functionality 

Lastly, you want to make sure that the plugin you want to install does what you need it to do. In particular, when it comes to search plugins, check for the following features: 

  • Phrase searching — most visitors won’t type in the exact name of your blog post or product name. That’s why your search plugin has to be able to interpret the phrases they use to generate the best results.
  • Relevant result display — your plugin should also present the results in a clear and relevant fashion. For example, if you have an online store, ideally the search plugin will return the product image, rating, price, and description. 
  • Speed — a good search plugin should be fast and return results quickly. In addition to that, it shouldn’t slow down your website. 
  • Several search bar designs to choose from — your chosen search plugin should have several different search bar designs to choose from or the ability to customize the search bar. This will ensure that the search bar matches the rest of your website and keep everything consistent. 
  • Search logs — finally, make sure your chosen plugin has the ability to keep search logs so you can see what visitors are looking for on your site. This will help you create more targeted content and products for them. 

How to Decide Which Plugin Is The Best For You

By now, you know what to look for in a search plugin and you’ve also seen the best search plugins that are available. Here are a few tips that will help you decide which plugin is the best for your website.

For starters, keep in mind the type of website you have. If you have a content heavy website, then obviously choosing a plugin that’s geared for eCommerce websites makes no sense. A plugin like Relevanssi or Ivory Search could be the perfect solution for you. 

If you have an eCommerce website with no blog, a plugin like Ajax Search for WooCommerce or Sooqr is the most logical choice. If you have an eCommerce website and you use a blog to attract potential customers, a plugin like Site Search 360 is worth considering. 

You should also take into consideration the ability to customize each plugin. If customization is important for you, consider using a plugin that has robust customization features.

If you’re more concerned about learning as much as you can about your visitors a plugin like SwiftType is an excellent choice.

Another thing to keep in mind is your budget. If you’re just getting started, a free plugin might be a better solution for you to keep everything within your budget. But, if you have a large website and if you’re making profit from it, investing in a premium search plugin is well-worth the money. 

Ultimately, the final choice comes down to you and your personal preference. Consider giving each plugin a try and then settle on the final solution.

Can you find a reliable WordPress search plugin for free?

I’m sure a lot of you have this question. And the answer is that sure, there are free WordPress search plugins which will improve the default functionality. But if you want a truly sturdy and robust solution, then making a nominal investment is a must.

That said, let’s see what we have in store for the most popular WordPress search plugins. From premium to free, and all the in-between.

Best Search Plugins for WordPress

This plugin is the best and the most comprehensive one in the WordPress marketplace. Search WP comes to the aid of controlling your WordPress search function. It can scan all the available content on your WordPress site, the custom posts, and pages. The powerful plugin also constructs an index for you and updates it periodically.

Search WP also includes PDF search module in it. This function will also include results within Pdf files stored/embedded on your WordPress site. Search WP works with any theme to show results using the default template files.

Search WP enables you to search Google right on your website. Some more add-ons are there which give fuzzy matches, search term highlighting and term synonyms. You can also exclude specific search contents from search results.

Multiple different search configurations can also be constructed to facilitate different types of searches in different spots on your site. It is meant to become a developer’s best friend. Search WP is available on WordPress at a very practical price that could be easily afforded by anyone.

✅ Index PDF files and find them from the frontend search
✅ Compatible with core search feature and searches everything on the website
✅ Integrates with your favorite plugins such as Yoast SEO, Advanced custom fields, WooCommerce, bbPress, and more.
✅ Search Posts/pages with its title/URL or with its content

2. WPSolr

WPSolr is basically meant for big websites and its main function is to optimize the speed of your search query. WPSolr makes your pages and fields easily searchable. WPSolr helps in searching for a WordPress website with millions of pages.

It is basically designed for WooCommerce sites which cover a big number of pages or products. WPSolr also helps in sorting and reduces the headache of users. It replaces the default search of WordPress with a much speedy search.

✅ Great speed and optimization for faster loading and better rankings
✅ Search anything on your website and never let your visitor find himself long
✅ Sorting/Filtering and customization options for better WooCommerce friendliness
✅ Developer friendly and extended quality support if you encounter any error
✅ The list of the plugins it integrates with is HUGE
✅ Mazor listing themes are suuported such as listify, listable and even more.

3. Relevanssi

Relevanssi also replaces your default WordPress search and makes the results more accurate. Relevanssi also has a free version unlike SearchWP, but after the trial version is over you need to buy a monthly or annual package.

The free version of Relevanssi will help you in including custom fields, comments, taxonomies, and custom post types and also you can use OR and AND queries. To get better results and better presentation of the same you can use Relevanssi.

The premium version stretches its facilities and will enable you to index the Pdf content, search across various sites supporting multi-sites, assign weight to post types, taxonomies, and new posts. This version helps your website quickly searchable.

✅ Extensive search to find relevant articles/pages by partial word match
✅ Exact match search with quotes (just like Google’s advanced search)
✅ Search taxonomies and custom post types as well
✅ Highlight feature to markup the word’s presence in a page

4. Search Everything

This plugin is the simplest form and expands the scope of the default WordPress search. Highlighting of search terms in results can be done and it will also help you to enable or disable-

• Custom fields
• Author
• Comments.
• Excerpt
• Attachments
• Category description

It is totally free and doesn’t cost any further costs. Search everything is the simplest of all as the name suggests. It works exactly as per your demand and makes your search easier.

✅ No need to modify any template part file at all. The plugin is already compatible with any theme you use
✅ You can also search custom fields and metadata on the post
✅ Include/exclude anything you want to hide from people

5. Ajax Search Pro

This search plugin is among the highest selling WordPress search plugins. AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. This name suggests that this plugin starts working as soon as the keywords for search are typed, without taking any extra time in refreshing the page. The aforementioned plugin lets you configure it as per your requirements. Ajax Search Pro will also include images in your search results. This works on both mobiles and desktops.

It saves your time in case you forget the name of your search or you don’t want to type the whole thing then it will try to match the keywords and generate the results. Ajax Search Pro also supports custom post types and taxonomies.

It is both freely available and the premium version costs $26 USD. Upgrading to the paid version, you get search statistics and analytics, more themes, and layouts and will also group by category and post types.

✅ All the basic features that you will get in any free wordpress search plugin
✅ Clear frontend and power-packed customization panel
✅ Predesigned intuitively creative search result templates
✅ AJAX search result in a mega menu design
✅ Developer-friendly and extensive documentation provided with the plugin package

6. Smart Ajax Product Search

Smart Ajax Product Search works further efficiently and helps the users to find exactly what they need. Smart Ajax search is highly compatible with all types of searches and also is stable. This plugin is a powerful and handy option which allows you to search by all types of different aspects.

You can do the styling and customization of Smart Ajax product as you want which will make you feel that your plugin is part of your webspace since the beginning. The basic work of Smart Ajax search is to reduce your work on search and provide you results without taking much time.

✅ The premium version of Smart WooCommerce search
✅ Ajax product search shows results on the same screen along with featured image, excerpt, and lot more.

7. Ajax Search for WooCommerce

Ajax Search for WooCommerce is another search plugin geared exclusively for WooCommerce websites. This plugin can be downloaded for free from the official repository and boasts the following features: ✅ Search by product title, long and short description, and SKU

Show product image, price, description, and SKU in live search results

✅ Special mobile search mode for better UX

✅ The plugin displays “add to cart” button with a quantity field and extended product data displayed on hovering over the live suggestion

✅ Search for product categories and tags

✅ Google Analytics support

✅ WPML compatible

✅ Customization features

If you need more advanced features, you can upgrade to the pro version of the plugin which includes ultra-fast search engine based on inverted index, fuzzy matching, search for posts and pages, and more. Pricing for the pro version of the plugin starts at $49/year for one site. 

Download Plugin ↔️ Get hosting for only $ 49.00/year

8. Swiftype Search

Swifty’s free version has limited tools that customize your posts, but the premium version has numerous tools that customize your field also. The Swiftype search comes with a host of amazing features and is composed for WordPress sites which are holding more than 10000 posts.

Its features include the search query, autocomplete drop-down menu, drag and drop interface. Swifttype search supports a maximum of 50 search result custom post types. The paid plan of Swiftype search starts with $19 per month. The paid plan is considerably costly as compared to other Wordpress Plugins that do the same trade.

9. Dave’s WordPress Live Search

This plugin is totally free and lets you add vital search functionality to your site, and to do this, all you need to need to do is just install this plugin. Whatever the users or visitors search for in the WordPress search box, this plugin continuously tries to match the results and gives the desired ones.

As soon as the query is typed, results are rendered in real time. The plugin is mainly compatible and works with great efficiency with xLanguage and WPML. To provide live search functionality Dave’s WordPress live search integrates itself with Relevanssi.

10. YITM WooCommerce search plugins

There are a lot of plugins which are specifically designed to make search easier for eCommerce websites. Gaggle plugin help to include images which help you to see the products and will also include product price and other specifications. WooCommerce search is widely used by the eCommerce websites to make themselves search easily.

11. ACF: Better Search

The advanced Wordpress plugin helps in expanding traffic of your site by providing tools that make it possible to search selected fields from Advanced Custom Fields Pro. ACF: Better Search is a better tool for managing custom fields. Advanced Custom Field is a lightweight plugin on Wordpress which you can download for free and use on your website. Advanced Custom Fields comes in two versions. The free version and the premium version. The user can buy the plan according to his use.

12. Ivory Search

For the number of free features that you get with this plugin, it easily deserves the number #1 spot in this roundup. 

Ivory Search provides a complete overhaul for how WordPress search works, yet manages to do it in a simple and easy to understand manner.

After you’re done with installing the plugin, it immediately takes you to the main dashboard. This is where you’ll be able to adjust custom settings and much more.

Ivory Search dashboard

The image above showcases settings for the content that you want to include in your search results. You can configure Ivory Search in such a way that only relevant content appears for any given search term.

Additional custom options include settings such as:✅ Highlight search terms

✅ Display sticky posts in search results

✅ How many search results per page

✅ Whether to display a custom page for empty searches

✅ … and a lot more!

The premium version which starts at $20 per year includes many additional features. Including searching through author posts, specific taxonomies, and features like post exclusion. With the free version alone, the search experience of your WordPress blog will benefit greatly!

Download Plugin ↔️ Get hosting only for $19.99/year

13. Algolia

Algolia was never built as a solution specifically for WordPress. In fact, this is a SaaS product developed for and used by platforms such as Y Combinator, Twitch, Stripe and many others.

Leo Colombaro is the only WordPress developer who has ported this search system into a WordPress plugin. But even then, you’re going to need an active subscription with Algolia to make it work. If you look at Algolia’s documentation you’ll find plenty of information on how to do this yourself.

An example of the Algolia search system as used by the infamous Hacker News website.

On the pricing side of things, Algolia does offer a free Community plan. Ideal for those just starting out. However, serious content producers and platforms should consider making an investment of $1.50 per month for advanced features and better reliability.

Download Plugin ↔️ Get hosting for only $ 1.50/mo

14. Sooqr

Sooqr is a relatively new search plugin for WordPress. And, it is specifically tailored for eCommerce needs. So, if you’re using WooCommerce on the daily — then Sooqr might have something to offer to boost not only your search results but also your revenue.

A good search engine generates relevant results, and that is exactly what Sooqr does! As a web shop owner you decide what’s on top with our Ranking Rules, a really powerful tool for selling what you want to sell.

Other features include instant results, custom filters, and search result sorting. Precisely the kind of features that an eCommerce store would require. It’s early to say how well Sooqr is going to perform in the long run, but their initial offering is extremely enticing.

Anyone can sign-up for the free 30-day trial and this should be plenty of time to see if Sooqr improves both your sales and customer satisfaction.

Download Plugin ↔️ Get hosting for only 49.00/mo

15. Reactive Search Pro

Continuing with our Codecanyon review, there’s another WP search plugin worth a mention. This one, Reactive Search Pro, has around 2,000 active users and provides a tremendous set of search features.

It is powered by React Redux, which means that you’ll be able to edit settings using a thoroughly optimized dashboard panel. Further, it’s quite simple to install, and works out of the box.

But, I know you’re dying to know the features and what makes this search plugin so popular in the first place. So, here it is, a list of the best features, some of which might entice you to give this plugin a try.✅ Build your search forms using a Drag & Drop builder.

✅ Filter search results based on post types, metadata, including data from plugins like Advanced Custom Fields.

✅ Search Media, specifically, search for Images. This can be either through filename or through added meta-data such as descriptions.

✅ Super compatible with eCommerce needs. Make your customers find the products they want with ease.

✅ Experiment with multiple layouts for how search results are displayed.

If you visit the Reactive Pro homepage, you can actually experiment with all of the demos and get a firsthand feel for them. This will save you the headache from purchasing a plugin that otherwise isn’t a good fit for your site.

Download Plugin ↔️ Get hosting for only $29.00/mo

16. Cherry Search

And lastly, we have Cherry Search — a WordPress search plugin with more than 20,000 active users. This plugin implements advanced search features so that your users can find content in its entirety.

It’s no secret that WordPress taxonomies such as tags, categories, titles, and other meta-data can quickly pile up. By using Cherry Search — users will find it easy to locate the content they need with eagle-eye precision.

Here are the features you can expect:✅ Replace the native search form with the one provided by Cherry.

✅ Include or Exclude categories from specific search results.

✅ Users can filter search results based on Ascending or Descending ratio.

✅ Limit the number of search results users are going to see per one query.

✅ Choose to show or hide post thumbnails. Great to save on resources!

And, of course, a lot more. Since the plugin is completely free, this might just be the one to use to improve your WordPress search experience.

Download Plugin

17. Site Search 360

If you’re looking for a robust solution that works for both content-heavy sites and eCommerce websites, Site Search 360 is a great option to consider. You can customize the look and the functionality of your search bar as well as take advantage of powerful analytics features to learn more about your website visitors and customers. 

Key features of the plugin include:✅ Smart semantic search with auto-completion suggestions

✅ Detailed search logs and analytics

✅ Search bar customization 

✅ Results grouping so visitors have an easier time finding what they’re looking for

✅ The ability to search secure content and pull results from FAQ sections

This plugin has a free version that allows your visitors to perform up to 1000 queries for free. Paid plans start at $9/month. 

Download Plugin ↔️ Get hosting for only $9.00/mo


It is very hard to decide that which one is the best plugin and it basically depends upon the size of your site, the function which you are in need, and the money you are willing to spend. There are numerous plugins available at WordPress which perform the same functions, some of them are for free whereas some of them need to be paid for getting a premium version.

The plugins make it easier for your website to be searchable. Once you have required plugins your website is ready for publishing of posts. So, it is important to choose the correct plugins at Wordpress.

If the size of the site is big then SearchWP is the best option or Relevanssi can be preferred. And if your site is a commerce site then you can use Woo search plugins and WooCommerce search engine to include images and texts.

Once you have enough traffic from your website, you can go for the premium version of the plugins. The above listed all plugins are the best ones and will definitely make your search process easier. Free plugins will have limited features and premium will offer more features rich in all functions.