Did you know that 40% of users leave sites with the poor design? Why lose profit if you can choose and install one of the best WordPress plugins for writers? WordPress themes for writers are relevant due to the fact that in recent years people’s desire to read good literature has increased: thoughtful stories and attractive content. Before, most people thought that in order for your voice to be heard, you need to write a book or other work for a printed publication.

Then people got a choice – TV, newspaper, radio. Finally, the Internet has eclipsed all sources of information but has not exterminated the desire of people to read. The Internet offers you a platform for free expression and the direct communication with readers and fans. It is convenient for custom writers who get requests for help “Write a research paper for me” and compose papers online. WordPress provides opportunities to organize the presence of writers and bloggers on the Internet, communication and earnings.

The Most Helpful Plugins for Those Who Work with Content

Many journalists, writers, bloggers and other authors of articles use a WordPress platform when creating their own site (blog) because it is easy to use, free and does not require large resources. Another important reason is the incredible ability of the system to expand: you can find a plugin with almost any functionality.

Let’s talk about those plugins that deal with content. It is not a secret that the more unique and relevant the content at blog writing sites is, the more chances to succeed you have. There are several plugins that can greatly help everyone who works with content. Check them out for you to make the well-informed choice.

Editorial Calendar

It is a calendar-scheduler that will help you plan your publications. You can plan publications, change them, move them to other days – in general, work with articles as you like. You can also view all posts and the time of their publication. It is possible to publish posts and work with drafts.

You are provided with the possibility to change the location of posts with the aim to change the publication date. There is a possibility to see the status of posts: draft, pending review, planned. There is also an ability to work with posts of several authors. The Editorial Calendar plugin is simple, but very convenient, especially for those who are interested in the regularity of posts’ publication.

Edit Flow

This plugin is similar to the previous one, but, firstly, it is designed not for one person, but for a team of writers; secondly, with the help of modules, you can organize the work of the whole team.

The plugin has the following functions:

  • Calendar: you can monitor the planned and already published content
  • Client statuses: the function is responsible for the statuses defining the stages of the workflow
  • Toolbars: used to track materials from the WordPress panel
  • Editorial comments: the ability to leave comments for authors
  • Editorial metadata: responsible for information about the tasks assigned
  • Notifications: E-mail messages about the progress of projects
  • List of articles
  • Group of users

It is not necessary to include and use all modules – you can only use part of them. This is a good tool for the team of specialists since it allows you to organize the editorial workflow. If you are a blogger who works individually, then you are unlikely to benefit much from its use.

Essay Content Templates

The plugin allows you to create special WordPress templates for writers, which can then be used to create new posts. Usually, the blogger has a certain format of posts, which he or she adheres to – this plugin has been designed for this case. It allows you to configure the template, and then apply it to existing or future posts.

By default, templates are available only to their author, but they can be shared with other users. They will be able to use the template when creating their posts, but they will not be able to edit it. It’s easy to use the plugin. You need to create a new template for blog writing (just a record with a missing place where there will be different text). Save it. When creating a new record, select and load this template (selected in the drop-down menu by name). In general, it saves a lot of time – no need to look through the previous posts, edit formatting and so on.


The plugin allows you to use the constructor to create posts: each element (text, pictures, video) can be freely changed, overlapped, rotated and so on. The interface is convenient and intuitive, so you do not have to understand much. You do not need to edit the code either (the plugin generates it automatically).

The plugin greatly extends the editing capabilities of the post, especially to those who constantly publish photos or videos. The plugin has a paid version of Premium, in which some functions are added (for example, the ability to draw, copy content, and so on). In general, this is a great plugin for those who want to make the style of their posts more unique, but not familiar with programming.


Everyone knows that the lists can greatly simplify the perception of information – and that’s why the audience loves them so much. Articles consisting of lists (For example, “Top-10 Healthy habits that successful people have”, “5 hobbies that you really like” and so on) are often popular, they are shared in social networks.

Listly is a plugin that allows you to create pretty lists, with pictures and beautiful headlines, and also has great opportunities to interact with the audience: users will be able to evaluate lists, write comments, suggestions and mark favourite items. This plugin is a great opportunity to make your blog brighter and more interesting, that is, to improve its SEO-indicators.

After installing the plugin, you need to activate it, having received on the official site (then you need to enter it in the settings in the administration panel). Listly has a free and paid version. It is obvious that the second one has several additional functions.

WordPress Themes for Journalists and Writers

  • Click Mag: it has a rating of 5 out of 5. It is ideal for launching a viral news exchange and has a lot of built-in features such as Google’s 800+ fonts, social networking icons, and support for various language and Retina for quality pictures. The layout is responsive, allowing pages to be displayed on smartphones and tablets as well as on desktop computers and laptops. In addition, the theme has built-in options for sharing video and audio content and guarantees excellent performance.
  • Birdseye: Have you ever heard of the Unyson page designer with drag & drop? If you’ve heard, then know that Birds Eye is a premium theme. To see the merits of the theme and get an idea of its functions, it is necessary to look at the attached special demo-content. The theme is equipped with various useful functions for creating an online magazine. SEO is optimized and supports cross-browser compatibility working with the trusted code. The theme has many settings for the header area, customizable mega-menus, and layouts. This responsive theme is great for smartphones and tablets. In addition, it has six months of support from the developer and proper documentation.
  • Newspaper by tagDiv: This theme has the excellent design and functionality necessary for a writer and a journalist. Use it and make sure that every post looks great. Despite the huge number of functions, the theme does not take up much space. It has high performance and SEO optimization. It includes several versions of the home page, designed for areas such as technology, virus themes, health, travel, food, etc. All of them are installed literally in one click.

When choosing your plugin and theme, you are supposed to take into account your goal. Keeping in mind your plans, you will be able to choose the right plugin, which will help you to organize your work effectively.