Sometimes you face the problem when you are going to display a PDF file on your wordpress website. WordPress, by default, does not allow you to upload and display a PDF file. You can only link to a portable document file which lands the end user to a PDF viewer in the browser or an option to download the same. Here WordPress PDF viewer plugins come into use.

PDF files can be used and are preferred as formal/non-formal document where there is a need to print a document or carry it outdoor. The below listed wordpress pdf viewer plugins will help you in embedding any PDF document on your wordpress blog.

List of best pdf viewer plugins for wordpress

  1. PDF embedder
  2. Google Drive embedder
  3. PDF viewer
  4. WP Advanced PDF
  5. WordPress PDF Light Viewer Plugin
  6. PDF & Print By BestWebSoft
  7. PDF WordPress Flipbook
  8. DK PDF
  9. Real3d Flipbook WordPress Plugin
  10. Dflip Pdf Flipbook

#1 PDF Embedder

PDF Embedder

This plugin, Pdf Embedder, lets you attach the PDF files on the posts or pages of the website by using JavaScript. What you need to upload the pdf file in the same way you upload an image in your WordPress blog. The height and width of the file is automatically adjusted as per the viewers device’s screen which means the plugin lets you embed PDF responsively and is mobile-friendly. This plugin is not based on any third party service, which is the reason why the display is flexible and speedy. And also it’s reliable as the pdf files and JavaScript are saved on your own server. Its also displays a toolbar which lets the users zoom, navigate, and also download the file.

Pros & Cons

✅ The easiest option ever to perform the task

✅ Best PDF embedder plugin with all the premium features

✅ PDF viewer toolbar to navigate the pages and zoom in/out

✅ Custom Width and height option for better display

✅ More premium features when you upgrade to the pro version


Just search “PDF Embedder” on add new plugin page and you will find it.

I’ve uploaded this PDF very easily from Add Media button in my classic editor.

The plugin will automatically recognize the PDF file and create a shortcode when you click add media.

And without any further bug, I got the PDF embedded on the website.

The configuration is very easy and quick in the free version of the plugin where you can only set global height and width and decide to either show the toolbar on hover or permanently displayed.

#2 Google drive Embedder

Along with pdf files, Google drive Embedder , also lets you attach other documents to your webpage like word document, zip files, and videos. You can also upload documets from Google Drive like spreadsheets or presentations onto your webpage.

Google Apps login plugin is required or the plugin will not function.

To embed the file, You can access all your files on Google drive from a pop-up box and select the desired file which you want to embed on your webpage. You and your users can view, read, print or download the files without using flash or Pdf browser plugins from your website.

Pros and Cons

✅ Easily add Google documents to your blog/website

✅ You can also allow users with access to edit those documents without leaving your website

❌ The setup process is not easy

❌ You need to allow the plugin to access your Google Drive (which is required)

❌ The premium features of this plugin also let’s you attach entire folders and calendars.

#3 PDF Viewer

Just like PDF Embedder, PDF viewer also enables you to attach PDFs using a JavaScript. It is simple and also lightweight. You can easily add PDF files to the website and set the height and width to be displayed on your website. The best thing about the plugin is that, Short-codes are also available.

Pros & Cons

✅ Simple and easy to use plugin with less mess with settings

✅ Best PDF embedder plugin with all the premium features

✅ PDF viewer toolbar to navigate the pages and zoom in/out

✅ Custom Width and height option for better display

✅ Option to use beta version or the stable one


Here is the example of how I have added the PDF on a post in one of my testing website.

The Shortcode looks like this:

and the outcome looks like this:

And you also don’t need to interfere with the configuration because it is already optimized.

#4 WP Advanced PDF

WP Advanced PDF

This plugin enables you to create PDFs of your own posts and pages using the TCPDF class. When the links are provided, the visitors can download the blog post with that hyperlink. The PDF download option can also be adjusted in the settings according to the user’s registration status. You can offer a PDF download feature only to the registered users also. Custom Fonts, headers, footers, logo, margins and watermark options are also available.

Pros & Cons

✅ Plugin with a limited use and no bugs

✅ Compatible with any theme you choose

✅ Option for users to download the post in PDF format

❌ Does’t offer you to embed the PDF on a website, user can download it instead

#5 WordPress PDF Light Viewer Plugin

WordPress PDF Light Viewer Plugin

This perfectly fits the situation when you want to add large pdf files to your posts or pages. The plugin can display multipage pdf files as flipbooks by using JavaScript library. This will not let the speed of website fall down if you add large files also. This also enables you to preview the flipbook on the dashboard.

Pros & Cons

✅ Easily perform the task that matters

✅ Thumbnail navigation and Smooth Page Scrolling

✅ Adjust the zoom and Printing using the toolbar

✅ Perform more with Premium features in pro version of the plugin

#6 PDF & Print by BestWebSoft

PDF & Print by Bestwebsoft

Pdf & Print plugin helps you adding a pdf download and print icon onto your posts, pages, archives, custom post types and search results pages. You can also add a custom title, featured image, custom styling and fonts to your PDF files. Using shortcode, you can turn the tables and change the way people make use of PDF viewer plugins.

The pro version of this plugin also has some additional features like image watermarks, custom images setup for buttons and custom header and footer.

Pros & Cons

✅ Not only display a PDF, Give users an option to download the same

✅ Add your custom branding in the PDF such as fonts, colors and headers

✅ Adjust the zoom and Printing using the toolbar

✅ More features with pro version of the plugin

#7 PDF WordPress Flipbook

This plugin enables you to upload PDF documents of any size and display them on your blog posts or pages with a splendid flipbook effect. Without any further compression of conversion, the plugin makes sure that your website speed is not affected.

Pros & Cons

✅ No JPG conversion or Compression to reduce the quality of the file

✅ The Embedded PDFs are responsive and mobile friendly

✅ More features with pro version of the plugin

❌ No custom branding in the PDF such as fonts, colors and headers

❌ Some limits on the number of pages for the PDF files


DK PDF plugin

DK PDF by Email Castells does not embed any PDF on your web page at all. It actually offers you to display a “PDF download” button on your posts, pages or custom post type. You can allow your users to download the blog posts in PDF format without any problem.

Pros & Cons

✅ No JPG conversion or Compression to reduce the quality of the file

✅ Download button for users to save your website’s page in PDF format

❌ No PDF Embedding or shortcode for the same

❌ No custom branding in Free Version

❌ Some limits on the number of pages for the PDF files

#9 Real3d Flipbook WordPress plugin

Real3d Flipbook WordPress Plugin

This enables you to display the Pdf files in a magazine sort of style. After uploading the Pdf documents, these can be displayed in the form of flipbook by using a shortcode. The menu colors can be customized along with button colors, shape, size and border.

Pros & Cons

✅ Display PDF files in a beautiful magazine view

✅ Track everything using the Google Analytics tracking system

✅ Tons of additional features such as enable/disable zoom, print, logo, navigation and presentation mode

✅ It automatically detects a PDF link and converts that link into a smart PDF viewer display

✅ Since it is a premium plugin, there is no limit on the size of PDF files it can process.

#10 Dflip Pdf flipbook

This plugin is the right choice when the main element on your website is “PDFs”. It is capable of generating heart-touching, excellent PDF view for your PDF files.

This plugin creates stunning flipbooks without any conversion using jQuery and Html. It also supports page thumbnails, pdf links, annotations and bookmarks. And also the users can zoom, download or opt-in for the single page mode.

Pros & Cons

✅ Display PDF files in a beautiful Flipbook view

✅ Flawlessly zoom in/out and navigate the PDF

✅ Create cool list of PDFs with automatic thumbnails of the files

✅ A view that sounds just like a real physical book to read

✅ All required tools and mobile-friendliness along with shortcodes for customizations

Did we find the best WordPress PDF Viewer Plugin?

Out of the tons of PDF viewer plugins available on WordPress marketplaces, there can be only one that you would install on your website. As far as you only need to display a PDF file on your website, you can go with any of the free option available. However, when the primary content of most of the posts is PDF file, I would suggest you to go with a paid option such as Dflip PDF Flipbook or Read 3d WordPress Flipbook.