If you’re looking to take your customer support to the next level, you should consider creating a knowledgebase. Thankfully, with WordPress knowledgebase plugins, you can easily do that without hiring a developer. 

In this post, we’ll take a look at:

  • the top WordPress knowledgebase plugins
  • their features
  • the benefits of using this sort of plugin in the first place. 
  • and more

Top 3 Benefits Of Using WordPress Knowledgebase Plugins

knowledgebase plugin benefits

As mentioned earlier, a knowledgebase can help improve your customer support. But what does that mean exactly? Here are the top three benefits of using a WordPress knowledgebase plugin in case you’re feeling skeptical:

  • It reduces the time spent on the phone or answering support emails — If you have a detailed knowledgebase article or a resource, your support staff doesn’t need to spend as much time talking to your customers. They can simply point them to the correct resource in your knowledgebase. 
  • You can process more support requests faster — This is directly tied to the above. Since you’re not spending so much time serving each individual customer, you can process more support requests, and in a shorter amount of time.
  • Improved customer satisfaction — Customers love nothing more than speedy replies and quick resolutions to their problems. A knowledgebase allows you to check both of these requirements which then results in higher customer satisfaction and improves your brand reputation. 

WordPress Knowledgebase Plugins vs. WordPress Knowledgebase Themes

Before we go over our top picks for the best WordPress knowledgebase plugins, there’s one important distinction to make: technically, you could build a knowledgebase with the help of a theme. 

However, the problem with this approach is that you’ll have to build your knowledgebase on a separate site, a subdirectory, or a subdomain in order to keep your current website’s theme and styles. 

You’ll also have to run a separate WordPress installation and transfer over any existing users from your current website. 

With a plugin, all of these problems can be avoided and you can set up your knowledgebase a lot faster as a component of an existing site. 

Let’s take a moment to compare the two:

Knowledgebase PluginsKnowledgebase Themes
Content contained on your regular siteYesNo
Requires a separate site, subdirectory, or subdomainNoYes
Requires a separate WordPress installationNoYes
Would need to set up new usersNoYes

What to Look for in a WordPress Knowledgebase Plugin

wordpress knowledge base plugins

When looking for any new plugin for your site, there are a few key factors to keep in mind. You should look and the number of downloads and the overall rating the plugin has received. You should take a look at the level of support provided. Are the developers responsive and helpful? Also, is the plugin updated regularly?

All of these points are important to consider. But when it comes to WordPress knowledgebase plugins, specifically, there are features that are definitely considered “must-haves.” Here are what we would consider dealbreakers if left out of a knowledgebase plugin:

  • Simple installation, organization, and documentation
  • Full plugin support so you’re never left hanging when you need a question answered.
  • Multiple categories, tags, and organizational options.
  • Unlimited knowledgebase documents.
  • Premade template designs.
  • A search option (predictive text support makes this even better).
  • Visual editing support for knowledgebase questions.
  • Compatibility with top page builder plugins (if you use one).
  • Support for documents and images within the knowledgebase.

With an idea of the features to look out for, let’s now dive into our list.

Top 10 WordPress Knowledgebase Plugins

Now that we’ve covered the benefits of using a WordPress knowledge base plugin, let’s go over our top choices. Some plugins on this list are free and some are paid but the most important thing is that they will help you set up your knowledge base quickly and efficiently. 

KB SupportFree / Pro starts at $74/year4.5 starsRead more
Knowledge Base for Documentation FAQsFree / Pro starts at $575 starsRead more
BasePressFree / Pro starts at $59/year5 starsRead more
Helpie WPStarts at $69/year5 starsRead more
MinervaKBStarts at $69/year5 starsRead more
Wiki WordPress PluginStarts at $49/year5 starsRead more
BetterDocsFree / Pro starts at $39/year4.5 starsRead more
weDocsFree4.5 starsRead more
Heroic Knowledge Base PluginStarts at $129/year4.5 starsRead more
WP Knowledge BaseFree4 starsRead more

1. KB Support

KB Support WordPress help desk plugin

KB Support is the ultimate knowledgebase support and help desk plugin for WordPress and the number one in our lineup. The plugin is the creation of WPChill and it’s both user-friendly and rich in features.

There is a free version of the plugin available in the WordPress repository and you can also upgrade to the Pro version, to enhance functionality.

Core features:

  • fully responsive and clean front-end design where customers can manage their tickets, including viewing and creating replies;
  • guest-tickets submission (you don’t need to have an account to submit a ticket);
  • support agents can create Knowledge Base articles to try and offer solutions to customers;
  • generous number of extensions available for purchase: MailChimp integration, Email Support, WooCommerce, Canned Replies, Ratings and Satisfaction, Zapier and many more;
  • fully customizable ticket submission forms;
  • email notifications to customers, admins and support agents;
  • you can restrict specific Knowledge Base articles to logged in users only;


  • versatile and highly customizable;
  • user-friendly interface;
  • the integrated Knowledge Base articles;
  • you can purchase extensions individually if you only need a certain type of functionality or feature;


  • you have to pay for extensions if you want extended functionality;

This Plugin is Best For…

Customers who want to be able to create and manage support tickets quickly and easily, without having an account. It is also a great choice for companies that want a powerful, feature-rich and versatile help and support tool for their WordPress website/s.


The core plugin is free to install and activate, but you have to pay for extensions and advanced functionality. There are two options available: you can either pay for individual extensions or sign up for one of their 3 plans:

PlanPriceWhat’s Included?
Starter$74 billed yearly until cancelledTicket management and automation via email, support and updates and more.
Professional $102 billed yearly until cancelledAll starter pack features +
eCommerce store integration.
Enterprise$150 billed yearly until cancelledAll extensions included +
Zapier integration.

2. Knowledge Base for Documentation and FAQs

Knowledgebase for Documentation and FAQs

When it comes to WordPress knowledge base plugins, the Knowledge Base for Documentation and FAQs is one of the top choices. It has a 5-star rating on the official repository.

Core Features

  • A setup wizard to help you get up and running quickly. 
  • 26 premade themes for your knowledgebase.
  • The ability to organize your documentation by team, product, or service.
  • The plugin comes with a search bar so your customers can easily find the topic they’re looking for.
  • The plugin integrates with WPML, Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi, Visual Composer, and others.


  • Plenty of themes to choose from for styling your knowledgebase.
  • Full integration with popular page builder plugins.


  • Lacks auto table of contents feature.
  • Missing some of the more in-depth organization options and search features other plugins have.

This Plugin is Best For…

Anyone who needs to set up a knowledgebase quickly could make great use of this plugin. It’s feature-rich without being overwhelming and provides templates for fast styling.


The core plugin is free but if you need more features such as more layouts and addons such as article rating and feedback, you can upgrade to the pro version. The pricing for the Pro version starts at $57/year for one site, one year of support, and basic add-ons bundle.

PlanPriceWhat’s Included?
Knowledge BaseFreeBasic knowledgebase features for any number of sites.
Basic Add-Ons$57Everything in Free + more layouts and add-ons for article ratings, widgets, link editor, and feedback for one site.
Professional$98Everything in Basic Add-Ons + multiple knowledge bases, and advanced search for one site.
Access Control$213Everything in Professional + KB Groups, Access Manager, and custom roles.

3. WordPress Knowledge Base & documentation plugin – BasePress

WordPress Knowledge Base & documentation plugin – BasePress

The BasePress plugin has a 5-star rating which makes it a solid contender in the WordPress knowledgebase category. The plugin allows you to build an unlimited number of independent knowledgebases and comes with three themes. 

Core Features 

  • The plugin has a dedicated setup wizard.
  • Organize your knowledgebase by product, service, department, and more.
  • Fully responsive and SEO-friendly.
  • The ability to serve targeted answers to your customers. 
  • Built-in index page where your customers can choose which knowledgebase they want to access.


  • A setup wizard that streamlines getting started.
  • Strong organizational features and index page.


  • A lack of design options and pre-built templates. Setup is quick but custom design is not.

This Plugin is Best For…

Companies that have a dedicated design team on staff or on call already will find this plugin to be most useful. The free version is feature-rich but if you need more customization or advanced features, the pro version will better serve you, especially if want to skip the design process.


You can download the plugin for free however, for more advanced features, you’ll need to upgrade to the Pro version. Pricing starts at $59/year and includes one year of support.

PlanPriceWhat’s Included?
LiteFreeSupport for multiple knowledgebases, live search, breadcrumbs, SEO, widgets, and three themes.
Premium$59Everything in Lite + content restriction, voting, table of contents, tags, shortcode editor, stats, integration with other plugins, and one year of support and updates.

4. Helpie WP

Helpie WP

The Helpie WP is a powerful plugin for creating a knowledgebase on your WordPress website. This is a premium plugin.

Core Features

  • The ability to control who can publish knowledgebase articles.
  • Let users add or edit content from the front-end.
  • Use the built-in styles to customize how your knowledgebase looks.
  • Compatible with Elementor page builder plugin.
  • Voting and commenting system to gather user feedback.
  • Automatic table of contents.
  • Built-in live search.
WordPress dashboard view of the Helpie WP plugin


  • User control over who can and can’t publish articles.
  • Front-end editing capability.
  • An integrated voting and commenting system and live search.


  • None, really. This is a powerful plugin with a ton of features. Might be out of range budget-wise for some, however.

This Plugin is Best For…

Business owners, broadly. It includes a wide range of features that could service a multitude of niches and support needs. The voting and commenting system plus front-end editing support really make this a versatile choice.


The price for this plugin starts at $69/year for a single site license and one year of support.

PlanPriceWhat’s Included?
Single Site License$69 / yearAll plugin features for use on one site.
5 Sites License $99 / yearAll plugin features for use on up to five sites.
30 Sites License$199 / yearAll plugin features for use on up to 30 sites.

5. MinervaKB Knowledge Base for WordPress with Analytics

MinervaKB Knowledge Base for WordPress with Analytics

The MinervaKB is one of the top-selling WordPress knowledgebase plugins on CodeCanyon. It has a 5-star rating. The plugin has a one-click setup and you can also try the plugin before buying it. 

Core Features

  • Live search with 7 built-in themes.
  • Smart settings that let you fine-tune your knowledgebase.
  • Controls for restricting access to specified articles and topics.
  • Compatible with Gutenberg and Elementor.
  • Built-in FAQ section with categories and tags.
  • Automatic table of contents.


  • Smart settings and access restriction.
  • Broad page builder compatibility.
  • FAQ section with categories and tags integrated.


  • Fewer theme options than what’s included in some other plugins listed here.
  • Lacks some organizational tools like live search.

This Plugin is Best For…

Small businesses or developers that need a quick and stylish knowledgebase solution might find this plugin to be a good fit. It’s feature-rich and offers a lot of flexibility but doesn’t overwhelm you with features, either.


You can buy this plugin from CodeCanyon for $69 which includes 6 months of support.

LicensePriceWhat’s Included?Support Extension
Regular License$69All plugin features for use on one site that the end user isn’t charged for, plus updates and support for six months.$24 extra for 12 months of support
Extended License$99All plugin features for use on one site that the end user is charged for, plus updates and support for six months. $27.75 extra for 12 months of support

6. Knowledge Base | Helpdesk | Support | Wiki WordPress Plugin

MinervaKB Knowledge Base for WordPress with Analytics

The Knowledge Base Helpdesk Support Wiki WordPress plugin is one of the oldest knowledgebase plugins on CodeCanyon. It has a 5-star rating. 

Core Features

  • Live search. 
  • Drag-and-drop article reordering.
  • Public or private article voting.
  • Support for article and file attachments.
  • Compatible with Gutenberg.


  • Easy editing and drag-and-drop organization options.
  • External file attachment support.


  • Lacks built-in template or themes for automatic design options.
  • Doesn’t have broad compatibility with page builder plugins outside Gutenberg.

This Plugin is Best For…

Companies with smaller plugin budgets that need a knowledgebase quickly might enjoy this plugin. It has highly functional features like live search and external file support but it lacks some of the bells and whistles of other plugins featured here as well as some of the design options. It might be a trade-off worth making for you.


You can buy this plugin from CodeCanyon for $49 which includes 6 months of support.

LicensePriceWhat’s Included?Support Extension
Regular License$49All plugin features for use by you or one client on one site where the end user isn’t charged for it, plus six months of updates and support. $16.50 extra for 12 months of support.
Extended License$200All plugin features for use by you or one client on one site where the end user is charged for it, plus six months of updates and support.$65.63 extra for 12 months of support.

7. BetterDocs – Best Documentation & Knowledge Base Plugin

BetterDocs – Best Documentation & Knowledge Base Plugin

BetterDocs is another free knowledgebase WordPress plugin available on the official repository. It has a 4.5-star rating and makes it easy to create a modern-looking knowledgebase complete with a search bar. 

Core Features

  • Premade knowledgebase template designs 
  • Various shortcode and page builder widgets so you can use it with your favorite page builder plugin
  • Automatic table of contents for single knowledgebase articles 
  • Built-in live search that populates as your customers are typing in their keywords 
Editing view of BetterDocs


  • Includes shortcode and page builder widgets that have cross compatibility with popular plugins.
  • Table of contents and live search features add extra usability.


  • Lacks some of the organizational features of other plugins on the list, including organizing by team or product.

This Plugin is Best For…

Anyone who wants a set it and forget it type of knowledgebase. This plugin has plenty of automatic organizational features so you can add entries to the knowledgebase without having to spend a lot of time configuring each category.


The core plugin is free. If you want more advanced features such as built-in analytics and the ability to create multiple knowledge bases, you’ll need to upgrade to the Pro version. Pricing starts at $39/year for a single site license and one year of support. 

PlanPriceWhat’s Included?
LiteFreeBuilt-in search, table of contents, templates, and advanced search.
Individual$39Lite features + ability to create multiple knowledgebases, analytics, user roles management, 1 year of support and updates, and activation on 1 site.
Small Business$99Everything in Individual + activation on unlimited sites.
Agency$249Everything in Small Business + lifetime support and updates and lifetime access.

8. weDocs – knowledge base and Documentation Plugin for WordPress

weDocs – knowledge base and Documentation Plugin for WordPress

The weDocs plugin has a solid 4.5-star rating on the official repository. This is a lightweight plugin that allows you to create a knowledgebase or documentation for your products. It doesn’t have as many features as some of the other plugins on this list but if you’re looking for a simple and straightforward solution, it does the job beautifully.

Core Features

  • You can easily create and add as many knowledgebase docs as you need.
  • Organize them with ordering, tags, and categories.
  • Fetch docs from external sites.
weDocs knowledgebase articles in the WordPress dashboard


  • Nice organizational options.
  • Unlimited document support.


  • Doesn’t include a ton of customization options.
  • Missing the themed templates for easy styling.

This Plugin is Best For…

Small businesses or those doing SaaS support that need a minimal knowledgebase, quickly but don’t mind needing to style it themselves. If you don’t need the bells and whistles, this might be the right plugin for you.


The plugin is completely free to download.

9. Heroic Knowledge Base Plugin

Heroic Knowledge Base Plugin

The Heroic Knowledge Base Plugin is a premium plugin that offers a ton of features to help you create an in-depth knowledgebase on your website. The plugin works out of the box with most well-coded WordPress themes and there’s helpful documentation for theme integration as well.

Core Features 

  • You can create as many support articles and docs as you need.
  • Support for article versioning with revisions.
  • You can attach images and files to articles.
  • Order articles by categories and tags.
  • Gather article feedback from customers so you know what to improve.
  • Ajax live search with instant suggestions. 
  • Built-in widgets to display links to knowledgebase articles anywhere on your site.


  • Unlimited document creation with article versioning is super helpful.
  • Fantastic organizational tools and live search.


  • Not as robust in the design department as some plugins on this list.
  • Price tag might be out of reach for some.

This Plugin is Best For…

Serious site developers and those who sell complicated products that require a ton of support. This plugin has the robust search and organizational tools required to keep tabs on your content. Plus the article versioning and revisions features make it an ideal choice for those who create software or apps.


The pricing for the plugin starts at $129/year for a single site license and includes one year of support.

PlanPriceWhat’s Included?
Heroic KB Essential$129
Basic knowledgebase features for use on one site plus a year of updates and support.
Heroic KB Plus$159Everything in Essential for use on three sites + article feedback and search analytics.
Heroic KB Pro$399Everything in Plus for use on five sites + priority support and integration with Slack, Gravity Forms, and HelpScout.

10. WordPress Knowledge Base Plugin – WP Knowledge Base

Here’s another free knowledgebase plugin for WordPress that makes it easy to create a good-looking knowledgebase on your site. The plugin has over 4,000 active installations on the official repository and a 4-star rating. 

Core Features 

  • The plugin is fully responsive and works with any theme.
  • Simple customization options.
  • Built-in search with predictive text so users can see suggestions as they type.
  • Built-in breadcrumbs for easier navigation.
  • Drag-and-drop custom ordering of knowledgebase articles and categories.


  • Super convenient drag-and-drop editor for rearranging articles.
  • Search with predictive text is a great benefit for site visitors.


  • Lacks pre-built design themes.
  • Missing some categorization options of other plugins on this list.

This Plugin is Best For…

Businesses that require a knowledgebase with easy organization and customization options but lack the budget for a premium plugin may find this one to be well-suited to their needs. Small companies, sole-proprietors, and small app devs might find it useful, too.


This plugin is completely free.

Best Features of WordPress Knowledgebase Plugins

  • Live search with predictive text helps site visitors find what they’re looking for faster.
  • Automate table of contents cuts down on development time.
  • Front-end submission expands the use case options for knowledgebase plugins considerably.
  • User access control makes it so these plugins can be used in conjunction with membership sites.
  • Compatibility with page builders allows for seamlessly updates and design tweaks.

Final Thoughts: Which Knowledgebase Plugin is Right For You?

And that wraps up our WordPress knowledgebase plugins list. We’ve shared which plugins we think are best, but now, you’re probably wondering which plugin is the best for you? The answer is: it depends on your needs and the features you want. 

🏆 If you want a plugin that is both user-friendly and rich in features, we definitely recommend KB Support. It offers both a free version as well as paid options and it is packed with useful extensions.

🥇 For example, if you’re looking for a simple, straightforward, and free plugin, weDocs or the WP Knowledge Base plugins are solid choices.

🥈 If you’re looking for a plugin with built-in customization options and advanced features, Knowledge Base for Documentation and FAQs or BetterDocs are great starting points.

🥉 If you want a knowledgebase plugin that can also be used for company wikis, then Helpie WP is the best choice for you. Finally, if you want a plugin that’s compatible with Gutenberg, the Knowledge Base Helpdesk plugin or MinervaKB are worth looking into. 

As you can see, there is a WordPress knowledgebase plugin to suit a variety of needs. So the only thing left to do now is to pick one and set up your knowledgebase. Get to it!