Your website is finally done. You’ve just created a well-designed layout, added lots of nicely written pages, and used up some images of your own to create a solid brand name. And yet, the site doesn’t get that many visits.In order to build a successful site, you must not stop after pressing the launch button. In fact, most of the work comes afterwards, as the key to getting increased web traffic is to keep it all alive. This post will show you a few good practices you should keep in mind to attain more visits.

Add Well Thought Articles Regularly

Simply put, your visitors will check out your website for your content, not the design. That being said, updating frequently enough is a must if you want to attract more web traffic. It is very important to add new content to your site every few days, be it in the form of articles, press releases, or simply new portfolio items.

It adds freshness to your site, and attracts new visitors who may be interested. Furthermore, people who previously visited you and liked your site are more likely to come back for more. Search engines too, since nowadays they’re capable of recognizing when you are being active, and act accordingly by visiting your site more often as well.

Purge Your Portfolio and Add Fresh Items

If you’re keeping a portfolio site, you should take a look at it every now and then and purge old content in favor of new one. This doesn’t mean you should eliminate old works. Instead, you should focus on adding more images or improving old descriptions. If you have a project that has progressed through time, don’t hesitate to make use of storytelling to create an interesting, engaging page.

Keeping your portfolio updated not only helps you gain more visitors. It is also indicative of your business being active and running, and will help you attract prospective clients as well. This is especially important, since visitors that may be interested in working in you will appreciate looking at your most recent work.

Be Active and Respond To Your Users

One of the most important elements for increased web traffic is to create an active community. You should by all means engage in conversations with other users across different mediums, should you have the chance to do so. Responding to inquiries, questions, or simply comments directed at you makes your regular visitors more aware. It will also make you appear more active and in motion, as opposed to leaving your site abandoned.

Be sure to post frequently on social networks as well. Linking your content updates, celebrating completed project, or simply linking to interesting articles from time to time is a great way to generate activity. You can take advantage of it to remind people of your site, and thus increasing your web traffic by having returning visitors.

In order to keep web traffic up at all times, it’s very important to maintain your site updated and fresh with content. That way, not only will search engines take note of you more frequently, but you’ll also draw the attention of your visitors. Often, this results in people returning to your site for more.