Flexibility is a big part of using WordPress to create exciting websites. You need to have a flexible theme that will let you tweak your site with ease, and at the same time be powerful enough to create a unique brand.

Today we are releasing a rather significant update to many of our big WordPress themes. It’s not a complete overhaul or an update that will totally change your website, but it’s a push them in the right direction. A push toward more flexible themes.

Let’s take a look at the changes.

Homepage ordering gets better

A while ago we introduced the ability to reorder the homepage elements in your theme. As you may know, many of them use a section-based approach: there’s the slider, features, portfolio, tagline, and so on.

With homepage ordering you could place the features section, for example, at the bottom. Or move the testimonials to the top. Or even send your client logos to the middle.

The problem was that the ordering only affected all these sections above the main content area; you could not have a static page as the homepage and then show these sections underneath.

This is now possible! You can order the area that holds the page content in between the homepage sections. So if you have a static page set as your homepage, you will be able to place the contents of this page anywhere in the layout.

This also provides more flexibility thanks to the next upgrade.

Always show specific homepage sections

Until now, the slider was the only element in the homepage that could be shown in all pages of your site, thanks to an option in the Customizer.

That’s changed too. You can now choose to display any section from the homepage in your entire site, not just the home itself.

This option should come in handy if you need certain elements to have a heavier presence: for example, you might want to use the clients section from Allegiant to showcase your sponsors. Or you might need the portfolio to be shown as well, to give it more visibility.

The blog now has columns

One particular thing we wanted to implement since long ago was a more flexible blog page. Since WordPress prides itself in being a top-notch publishing platform, chances are the blog posts are the most used feature.

So, to provide a bit more flexibility and uniqueness, we have added the option of selecting any number of columns for post listings. This way, you can create exciting and unique blog layouts without having to modify the theme.

Just to name an example, this is what we did with our own blog: we removed the sidebar, and went for a three column approach.

Eight themes updated in one go

This update is now live, and it affects the following themes:

  • Allegiant Pro
  • Brilliance Pro
  • Intuition Pro
  • Expansive Pro
  • Affluent Pro
  • Illustrious Pro
  • Panoramica Pro
  • Transcend Pro

If you have purchased our subscription or any of these themes, you’re in luck! You can now download the latest version from your dashboard, or update straight from your WordPress admin in 1-click if you added the license key.

Expect more updates soon!