We´d like to take a moment to announce our planned updates for our current theme, Illustrious, and future releases too. After making our first release, we are now going to work hard to improve it and add some features we consider essential.

As it stands now, Illustrious is a pretty solid theme– it has a highly customizable homepage, plenty of sidebars to work with, and just about the most essential page templates. Still, we feel it needs a bit more flexibility, and we will work on that by adding these planned features:

  • Layout Control. Even though the design is already pretty customizable, it still has its limitations when it comes to setting up the layout structure. Therefore, we have decided to add some extra options for more flexibility. This includes features such as controlling the number of columns in the design or specifýing the sidebar position.
  • Responsive Design. At this point on the web industry, responsiveness is becoming a must-have feature for most sites. We plan on adding mobile friendly versions of Illustrious, so it becomes a more versatile option for website owners.
  • Shortcodes. Ah yes, shortcodes. We plan on adding some additional functionality through shortcodes, since they are a useful tool for styling content. Since we wish to keep it simple and avoid bloating up the theme, we’ll simply stick with basic shortcode functionality like columns, buttons or boxes.

These upgrades are being rolled into a neat little framework we call the CPO Core, which will be included in all future themes and will be the base of our work. Stay tuned for future updates!