It’s been a couple of days by now since Pragma was put for sale on ThemeForest, and we’ve had already a number of sales! Thanks to everyone who bought our theme for trusting us.

That being said, there is still a lot of work to be done to the theme, so here is a list of all the stuff we are planning on improving for the first update:

  • A fully responsive design. That includes a standalone layout for tablets, as well as a more compact design for smartphones and small screens.
  • Video Portfolios. Currently the portfolio only takes images and displays slideshows. We are planning on expanding this to make it able to take other forms of media, like video.
  • Native breadcrumbs. Initially we wanted the theme to have breadcrumb navigation, but it was postponed due to focusing on more important features. This update will include such navigation.
  • Bugfixes and minor improvements. We plan on fixing a few minor errors, as well as making some improvements to the CSS.

While we don’t have a set date for the release of this update, we do plan on releasing it pretty soon. Should all things go well, we’ll probably have it out by next week.