Last month, we announced a major feature upgrade n the form of a core framework overhaul. This massive update not only has brought a whole new level of flexibility to our premium themes, but it has also helped us speed up the development process for new WordPress themes.

As such, not long ago we also released Transcend. It is one of our most beautiful themes up to date, containing great visuals and animated typography, which really makes your content shine.

Today, we are pleased to announce a new release: Intuition Pro!

Say Hello To Intuition Professional

As you may know, Intuition is one of our most popular, free WordPress themes. Since it’s hosted on the official WordPress repository, it gets a lot of attention and it has even surpassed Panoramica as the fastest growing theme up to date.

However, being a free theme it was somewhat limited in scope. Thus, it was time we released a premium version with all the flexibility and features that our core framework can provide.

For this theme, we have worked really hard to streamline its design while retaining the overall appearance, and at the same time we have added a number of features that you’ll surely find very exciting.

A Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Intuition Pro improves over its free version by having a more complete homepage. The first thing you’ll see is that the minifeature blocks can now have images, which will surely come in handy for showcasing your products or services.

A Fully Featured Portfolio

Another interesting aspect of this theme is the inclusion of a fully featured portfolio. Since portfolios are undoubtely an extremely versatile option to have, we felt this was a much needed option. With it, you will be able to showcase your projects, clients, servicies, products, bookings, or just about any element you can think of.

Per-Page Layouts

Another important upgrade from the free version is that you can now choose the layout of each page separately. There are up to five different layouts, ranging from full-width pages with no sidebar, to three column layouts sporting a primary and a secondary widget area. This functionality is provided by the new core framework we mentioned earlier.

Other Improvements

It doesn’t end there. As a premium WordPress theme, Intuition Pro also provides you with plenty of flexibility thanks to its Theme Options page:

  • Custom typography for headings, body, and menus
  • An unlimited color palette to choose from
  • Customizing the appearance of posts and pages
  • Controlling the appearance of the header, footer, and page titles

Get Intuition Pro Today

You can get Intuition Pro by subscribing to CPOThemes for only $60 per year. Becoming a subscriber will give you access to our entire collection of 15 WordPress themes (and growing), as well as premium access to our support forum. We’ll be glad to have you on board.

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