WordPress is such a popular platform for bloggers; unlike with Blogger, which is owned by Google, you have more control and own your content and data, and this is why it’s also better for online business’ owners.

It’s easy to use: adding posts, images, etc to your blog will take you two minutes, and the best part is that as it’s browser-based, you don’t need to carry your own computer everywhere: you can access from any computer with Internet.

You will be able to customize your whole website, and there’s no need of knowing HTML or any other editing software: as we said, it’s very easy to use!

One of the most appreciated features WordPress offers is the existence of plugins, and let me tell you, there are countless to choose from. Plugins come in so handy that WordPress is not only used to create blogs, but also online shops and even corporate websites.

Let’s take a look at some of the best ones if you intend to create a blog!

  1. Our first WordPress Plugin: Cookie notice

Let’s be real: cookies are annoying. We know, we have to follow the specific rules and regulations about cookies, but that doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice our server resources.

Cookie notice is a popular one because it allows us to pop a cookie consent for our users in a nice way while meeting the regulations. You can customize the message, making it more personal and making it fit your blog style better and it gives you many options to accept the cookies.

  1. Forget spam: Anti spam

It does what it says: avoids spam in your page. You want to keep spam out of your page, especially if you are starting your blog, because it’s annoying and can make your readers feel like your blog is not worth visiting.

Moreover, we’ll give you an extra: Disable Comments is another free plugin you can add to your WordPress dashboard that protects your blog from spam comments. Cool, right?

  1. Track your success: Google Analytics

Remember: what can’t be measured, can’t be improved. Just like with email marketing, it’s important to track your success and your fails. Once you know which of your campaigns has worked wonders, you’ll know what made it so successful and apply this to all of your campaigns.

Same goes with blog posts: with Google Analytics you’ll have access to statistics on your posts, to see which are the most visited ones. It’s easy to install and you’ll quickly have it in your WordPress dashboard!

  1. SEO strategy: Yoast SEO

One of the best SEO plugins you can find; it makes it easy to optimize your blog, so if you really want to improve your SEO strategy while creating content for your blog, you will love it. This plugin will help you reach that number one spot in the search results!

  1. Yet another related post

This plugin offers your readers different but related to what they just read options, so they keep enjoying your content. The benefits? They will spend more time in your blog, so your SEO strategy will improve!

  1. Keep it organized: Editorial calendar

It’s important to be consistent with your publications, just like with your newsletters, so your readers are constantly updated and don’t forget about you.

Sometimes it’s difficult to keep all our work organised, so plugins like Editorial Calendar come in very handy. It has an easy to use drag and drop system so you can schedule your content publications and identify the best days for your sendings!

  1. Shareaholic

It basically installs a banner at the end of your posts so you can share your content. It’s customizable and choose which buttons you want it to have, and this does not only include social media, but it also gives us the option to send the post via email!

  1. Addicted to Twitter? Click to Tweet

If Twitter is your favorite social network and there is where you mainly share your content, Click to Tweet will be perfect for you. It also allows your followers to easily share your post through Twitter, directly from WordPress.

  1. Social metrics

As a blogger, it’s important for you to connect with your followers, and that’s what the last two plugins do for you. However, if you want to improve that you have to be able to measure your success in social media, and Social Metrics does this for you. It will visually show you all your posts with their success shown on scoreboards, measuring their success on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

  1. Google Typography

Now on to design plugins. We will just mention three, but we do want to say that WordPress offers countless design plugins. A very simple one but that can make a huge difference to the appearance of your blog while still being quite easy to use is Google Typography.

It offers so many types of different fonts so you can customize your posts and make them look elegant, or edgy, or modern… whatever style you’re going for, you will find here the perfect font.

  1. WordPress Touch: the importance of being responsive

Nowadays most people check everything on their smartphones; their social media, their emails… and also their favourite blog’s updates! What if they go check out your newest post and they find a mess? Your site has to be responsive!

This plugins adapts your content to your subscribers’ devices, so they can always enjoy your posts, no matter where they are.

  1. Live Composer

This is one of the best design plugins we have found, for many reasons. It’s basically a WordPress page builder with all you need to do this, plus it’s free! This website composer offers an easy to use drag and drop system so you can create your designs without any coding.

It’s a front-end WordPress builder that offers more than 30 modules so you can decide, and its page builder counts with more than 40 content modules, all of them being responsive.

This plugin is perfect for literally anyone: marketers, designers, developers, business owners or simple bloggers that want their blog to look fab. We highly recommend you to give it a go!

  1. WordPress newsletter plugin: Jackmail

Would you like your WordPress followers to receive a newsletter notifying them that you have uploaded new content? Think about it; having your subscribers know every time you upload something, and automatically, without having to do a thing. Great, right?

Well today might be your lucky day, because it happens to exist a WordPress newsletter plugin that does exactly that. It could help you with your visibility, to get back those subscribers that you lost without knowing why and to engage your loyal subscribers by updating them constantly.

It’s extremely easy to use, so keep reading and learn more about it!

What are its advantages?

We already know that it’s not convenient to send newsletters from our personal email account; we need a mailing app or some sort of email marketing software to do it. Why? Because of the deliverability will be way better, it’s safer, easier and because it will save us time. The same happens with WordPress newsletters.

If we sent or WordPress newsletters by ourselves we would never know how many people actually received it or read it. It’s useless to work hard on a post and then waste it by sending it blindly: you’ll never know if your readers got to enjoy it or not!

Jackmail is here to save the day: Jackmail Newsletters is a plugin developed especially for WordPress users that manages your sendings automatically so you don’t have to worry about them. What can it do for you?

  • You can schedule the frequency of your sendings
  • Decide not only the day of the sending but also the exact timing
  • Design your newsletters with an easy drag and drop system
  • Use its pre-built templates; half of the work is already done!
  • Don’t worry about your contact list: the plugin will manage it for you
  • You can also add or delete people manually, of course
  • Test its efficiency: it also offers statistics on your campaigns
  • Integrate it with other plugins such as WooCommerce, Ninja Forms, etc.

Something else: you’ll notice that you have no problem with deliverability, as we mentioned before. Your campaigns will reach your subscribers’ inbox and avoid their spam folders thanks to its protocol SMTP, which works automatically as well. Stop worrying about your beloved newsletters being marked as spam: it’s not gonna happen!

Is it tricky to install?

Not at all! Installing the plugin is as easy as using it. Once you download it, a new tab will appear in your WordPress control panel. Before starting to use it you just have to follow 3 simple steps:

  • Automatically install the Emailbuilder, which will allow you to create your newsletters
  • Synchronize the plugin with other WordPress plugins so you can easily import data from them
  • Register as a new user

That’s it! Once you’ve done this you’re ready to start using the plugin.

Manage your contact list from WordPress

The plugin will create a contact list based on the users you have on WordPress. To check this out, you only have to open the tab called “lists” in the panel.

However, don’t limit yourself to this list. Add more people to your contact list manually or importing the data from other files. Remember that you can synchronize Jackmail with many other tools, so it will be a simple process.

  1. Control your plugins: P3

Yes; this is a plugin so you can control your WordPress plugins’ performance, as it measures their impact on your site. WordPress can work slowly because of your server, because of your hosting or because of the plugins. This way you will be able to see which ones are “heavier” and are making your site slow.

Sometimes too many plugins are installed or some of them are poorly configured. Maybe your sites’ problem isn’t the plugins, and by seeing if they work well or not you will move on to identify what your problem is!

  1. Back up WordPress: BackWPup

We’re almost at the end of our list, and we must talk about security. Security is important, and after working hard on something you don’t want to lose it. The best option if you want to have a backup of your site just in case is BackWPup. You work hard on your content and design: don’t lose this overnight because of a silly mistake! This plugin creates automatic backups so you don’t have to worry about this.

  1. Simple Local Avatars

A great alternative to Gravatar; make sure everybody knows your blog is yours, who works hard for it and who uploads its fantastic content!

This plugins is simple and lightweight, quick and easy to use. The plugin itself takes care of cropping and resizing the picture and it also stores it. It will let you decide which users of you blog will be able to create their own avatar, so you have control over this.

It lets you work with Gravatar too… but it allows you to turn it off.

Now you’re ready!

These are our top 15 examples, but there are many more… these, however, will help you start your journey as a blogger using WordPress!

As you have seen, there are plugins thought and made for literally everything: to keep your site safe, to step up on its design, to share your content, to start your email marketing strategy right from your WordPress… you say it!

Moreover, if you don’t find what you need among WordPress plugin offer (which we doubt), you have the option to ask for a customized plugin to a professional.

To sum up, using these plugins (and many others) can make your life easier: be consistent, avoid spam and track your success, and send your content to your readers as soon as you publish it. We can assure you, your blog posts will be loved!