Today we’re announcing some important changes in our support policy that you might want to be aware of. Up until now, we’ve offered a fair amount of support for those who use our WordPress themes and plugins, both free and premium.We like to help in any way we can so you can best use our products, and offering support through our documentation and our forums reflects that.

With that being said, we’re finding the support process to be more than a bit taxing on our part, and this has led to slower response times when solving support requests from our subscribers. We’ve given it a lot of thought, and have finally decided to implement this change.

Starting April 7, we will be no longer offering free support for any free themes or plugins. This means the forums will become member-only, and only subscribers will be able to file new support requests. Anyone wishing to gain access to priority support can opt to become a member so we may answer any requests for help.

This doesn’t mean we will drop free support completely, though. Throughout this week we’re going to take a deep look at the current state of our theme documentation, and expand it as much as possible so people using our free themes can take advantage of it to solve any questions they might have.We’ve already made some subtle changes to the format of the docs in order to make them more readable, and we’ll be adding a lot more content so you can more easily learn to use our themes.

We will also add a page where you may report any bugs encountered in our themes. We are commited to keeping our themes fully functional, so if you find an error or a bug, you can report it to us.