This week we’re bringing some improbvements to our theme support: forums! We’ve made some further improvements to our support pages and from today on, we’re also offering a completely functional forum for you to post your questions.

Truth to be told, we had our support forums open for a bit last year, as an experiment of sorts. We didn’t really have that much traffic back then and maintaining them was more troubling than the benefits it gave, so we opted to keep them closed for now. However, since we’ve been having a lot of activity lately, we decided it was time to open them again to the public and let our community post their issues publicly.

With this update, the support pages are now fully integrated into our store, allowing anyone who’s registered to post any questions he might have. Also, the forums themselves are public, so anyone can come and take a look at all the inquiries people have made.

So, without further ado, go visit them!