For quite a while, we’ve been considering the idea of changing our business model. We’ve seen some themes become pretty popular, while others have lacked enough attention– even to the point of retiring one of them in order to focus on the others. In part, the main reason we’ve been offering themes as individual packages comes from our year-long stay over at Themeforest, which prompted us to place a tag on each theme and value them individually. This changes today.

Starting now, you can get our entire premium theme collection for only $60 per year. This is only a bit more than what an individual theme costs, so you’re essentially getting 6 themes for the price of one/two.

There are quite some benefits to this. First, you won’t have to decide which theme to buy and can instead get the full theme collection, and then try the one that suits you best. Second, you will be able to get updates and new releases even after buying a subscription, so you can always come back to get new themes at no additional cost.

We also decided to forgo the individual sale of themes, so that things are simpler and more straightforward. After giving it a lot of though, there was simply no point on allowing people to buy a single theme when you can get a much, much better offer for barely 50% more. For those who already bought a theme, don’t worry: you will still be able to access your downloads as normal.