This has been a really hectic week so far. We have been working a lot to make some huge changes to CPOThemes as a whole, and we’re finally ready to announce it. While we haven’t been able to post new articles on our blog as usual, today we’re bringing you plenty of good stuff.

First, we’d like to announce we’re moving off Themeforest. For those who have been closely following us, it shouldn’t come off as a surprise since our latest premium theme was released on our own store. So far, it’s been a great experience on the marketplace and the people there has been helpful and great, both the community and the Envato staff.

Still, we feel it’s time to move on, and as such we’re bringing our themes to our own site. There are a few technical reasons for this, especially the fact that our support system looked fragmented and it was difficul to authenticate sales. We also had issues when releasing theme updates, as the review process was at times slower than we wanted to.

Therefore, from today on, you’ll find our themes on sale directly on our site. This enables us not only to be able to offer a much better service, but to also give out coupons, offers, bundles, and much more!

Updates For Everyone

We’ve also updated Panoramica, Panoramica Pro, Brilliance, Practical and Pragma to their respective versions. They now come with the latest version of the CPO Core, our own theme framework. This massive update across the board brings new features for each theme, as well as a fully revamped codebase that will vastly improve our themes from now on.

New Widgets

Among other improvements, we’ve added new widgets to add more flexibility to our themes. As they’re part of the CPO Core, they will be present in all themes from on now, both free and premium alike. The widgets are:

  • New Twitter Widget: Now compatible with Twitter’s API 1.1, which enables oAuth authentication
  • Ad Space: Lets you add a linked banner or an advertising code into your sidebar
  • Subscriber Count: Displays the number of your Facebook fans

New Shortcodes

This new version of the Core also adds a handful of shortcodes that will surely be useful to most of you. Most notably, we’ve added shortcodes for creating testimonials and team member profiles, so you can build fully featured pages without the need of templates or special elements. The full list of new shortcodes are:

  • Testimonials
  • Team Members
  • Progress Bars
  • New Pricing Table with revamped syntax for better flexibility


With this update, we wanted to consolidate our codebase and prepare to create new themes on another level. Our main focus from on now will be to roll out new, unique themes at least once per month.

For that reason, we’re going to reduce the amount of page templates our themes come with (such as submenu templates), and instead add multiple configuration options to cover up for them. This way, the theme will have greater flexibility and allow you to create more exciting pages. the goal is to give you enough tools so you can build virtually any type of layout through the use of shortcodes and templates.

Finally, we want to announce that we’ll be offering a 30% discount to anyone buying our themes on the new store! This offer will only last until next week, so make sure to get one before it ends! To claim this offer, simply use the NEWCORE coupon on checkout.