WordPress is the CMS of choice for all kinds of bloggers, web enthusiasts, news agencies, sports magazines, hobbyists, journalists, writers, photographers, and businesses of all kinds. This is hardly anything to wonder at, considering that anybody can set a website up using WordPress within 2 minutes (yes, it’s true). However, what’s often undermined is that fact that WordPress is an equally awesome platform for creation of e-stores. And we’re not merely talking about basic e-stores where you can sell physical goods in exchange of e-payments. We’re talking about advanced e-stores equipped with functionalities such as subscriptions, memberships, digital downloads, recurring payments, multiple payment gateways, intuitive and user-friendly checkout process, marketing and sales management features, etc. Now, WordPress does not offer these options in-house. Then how can you create an ecommerce website using WordPress? The answer – shopping cart plugins for WordPress.

What do Shopping Cart Plugins do?

Well, like all plugins, they bring in additional features and functionalities to WordPress. Specifically, they add a digital shopping cart process capability to your WordPress blog. Alternatively, you can create a new WordPress website and use the plugin to transform into an e-store. The core functionalities of a shopping cart plugin include:

  • The facility to add a lot of product pages with product details
  • A shopping cart integrated with payment processing gateways
  • A mechanism to keep track of transactions and sale process statuses

Advanced WordPress shopping cart plugins come with all these basic functionalities, and some more. These plugins enable you to sell physical goods as well as digital content, invite memberships and monthly payment based subscriptions, manage hundreds of sales with easy to understand dashboards, keep track of inventory, and manage reviews and ratings for products. So, if you’re not going to use website builders with shopping cart – check this guide. Here we will cover 10 such WordPress shopping cart plugins that can help you create a stunning e-store.

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