It’s time for a new theme release! Today we bring you a more classical theme, focused on pure businesses and providing a full array of options for those who want to showcase all their company has to offer. Say hello to Scenica!

Scenica was built with the intent of creating a really striking homepage. We wanted to create a theme that could deliver a really good impression as visitors reached the site. As such, we opted to develop a fairly large homepage slider, that boasted noticeable yet subtle transitions.
The header is also part of the slider, so it blends naturally and gives off a natural, magazine cover-like appearance.

Furthermore, the header is sticky and will follow the visitor across the site, acquiring a dark and transparent background when not at the top. We wanted it to remain useful but unobtrusive, and so it shrinks down to provide as much available space as possible while browsing.

Scenica comes with a sticky header that shrinks when scrolling down.

Scenica comes with a sticky header that shrinks when scrolling down.

As we wanted it to be purely a business WordPress theme, it supports a full portfolio in addition to services and clients. Users can simply start adding them onto the admin area, and handpick which ones are to be featured on the homepage. Both the portfolio and services have their own template, which you can use to display a full showcase.

Also, Scenica is a responsive theme. As is the norm with all our themes, this one adapts to pretty much every device and is designed for optimum readability when going mobile.

Scenica is available for $40 at our store, so go get it while it’s hot!

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