Every year, hundreds of thousands of WordPress sites get hacked. But your site doesn’t have to be one of them.

This statistic isn’t necessarily WordPress’ fault – when regularly updated, the core WordPress software is secure.

But WordPress’ position as, by far, the world’s most popular content management system, as well as its huge marketplaces for third-party plugins and themes, makes it a juicy target for many hackers.

Thankfully, though, you don’t have to be a genius to keep your WordPress site secure from those malicious actors. Instead, you can outsource much of your site’s security to your web host…if you pick the right host.

While you can never completely ignore security, choosing the right WordPress host will go a long way towards keeping your site safe.

In this post, I’ll share some of the features that make for a good, secure WordPress host. Then, I’ll recommend two of the absolute safest WordPress hosting providers for your website.

Table of contents
How A Good Host Keeps Your WordPress Site Safe
The 2 Safest WordPress Hosting Providers For Your Website
1. WP Engine
2. Kinsta
Choose Secure WordPress Hosting

How A Good Host Keeps Your WordPress Site Safe

Before I can talk about what makes for the safest WordPress hosting, it helps to cover a quick primer on how most WordPress sites actually get hacked.

While there are a myriad of smaller attack vectors, the data points at this one factor for being the largest attack vector:

Out-of-date WordPress software.

In Sucuri’s Hacked Website Report, they found that 61% of the hacked WordPress sites they looked at were running out of date software at the time of infection.

Now, WordPress makes updates pretty easy, but an astounding number of webmasters still don’t stay on top of updating their site to the latest release.

And that brings us to our first criteria for secure WordPress host:

A good WordPress host changes that by safely and automatically updating your WordPress site so that you’re always running the latest software.

That feature alone is going to keep your site a lot safer, but there are also other ways your host can keep your site secure.

Safe Hosts Keep Your Site Isolated

Here’s the dirty little truth about most of those cheap shared hosting plans:

If a host just throws a bunch of websites on the same server without any isolation, a vulnerability in one site can quickly spread to other sites.

So even if you’re doing everything right, you can still get tagged because someone else on your shared server wasn’t! Or, if you’re hosting multiple sites, a vulnerability in one of your sites can quickly spread to others.

That doesn’t mean all shared hosts are insecure – it just means that, if you’re on a budget, you need to find a shared host that isolates your hosting account from other hosting accounts on the same server.

Safe Hosts Offer WordPress-Specific Firewalls

Good hosts prevent issues before they even happen by offering WordPress-specific firewalls that proactively block attacks before they can even get to your WordPress site.

Essentially, these firewalls monitor your server for known threats and stop them before they get a chance to infect your WordPress site.

Safe Hosts Run Malware Scans

Beyond those proactive firewalls, secure WordPress hosts will often run daily malware scans which ensures that, even if something does happen to your site, you’ll be able to quickly identify and fix the problem.

Safe Hosts Secure Your Login Page

After out of date WordPress software, brute force attacks are the next most common attack vector according to a survey from Wordfence.

Secure hosts will automatically protect against IPs that fail too many login attempts in a row to keep your login page safe from brute force attacks.

Safe Hosts Offer Free SSL Certificates

An SSL certificate helps keep your site safe by encrypting all the communication between web browsers and your site.

No – this isn’t just a feature for eCommerce sites, it’s important for any type of WordPress site, for a number of reasons.

Beyond providing a more secure browsing experience for your visitors, SSL certificates also protect you by making sure that your credentials are secure when you log in to your WordPress admin dashboard.

Safe Hosts Take Backups And Offer Hack Protection

Proactive security is great…but sometimes stuff happens.

And when it does, you want a host that can get you back to 100% working order as quickly as possible.

Secure WordPress hosts can help you do that in two ways:

  • Automatic backups – these ensure that, in the worst case scenario, you still have access to a clean copy of your site’s data.
  • Hack protection guarantees – some hosts even guarantee that if your site gets hacked, the host will help clean your WordPress site and remove the malicious code.

The 2 Safest WordPress Hosting Providers For Your Website

Below, we’ve singled out two of the safest WordPress hosting providers that have the features above.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that all other hosts are insecure – we just think these are the best!

WP Engine

WP Engine is one of the safest WordPress hosting providers

WP Engine is one of the oldest and most well-known managed WordPress hosts. They offer high-quality, performance-oriented WordPress hosting starting at just $29 per month.

For more information and performance test data, check out our detailed WP Engine review.

Here’s What Makes WP Engine Secure

WP Engine claims they block over 150 million malicious events for their customers every single month. Here’s what goes into making WP Engine secure:

  • Automatic WordPress core software updates
  • Automatic backups to ensure you always have a safe copy of your site
  • Free SSL certificates to encrypt your traffic
  • Account isolation to make sure you don’t inherit other people’s problems
  • Proactive web application firewall to block attacks before they happen
  • Malware scans and cleaning if your site becomes infected
  • Automatic plugin updates (only when security vulnerabilities are found in specific plugins, though)

Secure Your Site With WP Engine


Kinsta is another secure WordPress host

Though Kinsta hasn’t been around for as long as WP Engine, it’s quickly made a name for itself by offering great performance, as well as plenty of security features.

Kinsta hits a similar price point to WP Engine, starting at just $30 per month. For more information about Kinsta and a look at our performance tests, read our Kinsta review.

Here’s What Makes Kinsta Secure

Kinsta offers a bunch of features to ensure that your site is secure:

  • Automatic updates for security patches (but not for major releases that aren’t focused on security)
  • Hack Fix Guarantee – if your site does get hacked, Kinsta will fix it for free
  • Free SSL certificates to encrypt your traffic
  • Brute force protection by automatically banning IP addresses that fail more than 6 login attempts in a row
  • Linux containers to ensure that each individual site is isolated from others
  • Automatic backups to ensure that you always have a safe copy of your site
  • Web application firewall to proactively stop threats before they become an issue
  • Malware scans to detect issues as soon as they happen

Secure Your Site With Kinsta

Choose Secure WordPress Hosting

Sometimes it’s worth paying a little extra for peace of mind. While these two hosts aren’t the absolute cheapest WordPress hosts, the higher price gets you a bunch of features to help make your site secure.

If keeping your site secure is a necessity, pick one of these two hosts and enjoy the extra peace of mind of knowing that you have a team of professionals working to keep your WordPress site safe!