Our latest release goes live! As we announced very recently, we have been working on a new premium WordPress theme geared towards blogging and magazines. Today, we’re finally releasing it. We hope you like it as much as we enjoyed building it and all its features.

Rhetoric is heavily focused on pure blogging. Its main draw is its support for post formats, which will give you a lot of room to experiment with exciting ways of delivering your content to the audience. This first release comes with support for aside posts, quotes, links, and galleries in addition to the standard format.

Since the beginning, we wanted to create a theme that has quite a bit of personality. To accomplish that, we chose to load the theme with plenty of color and contrast, so it becomes more distinctive and unique. This is the first theme we make that includes a dual palette: a primary and a secondary color. This means that, in addition to picking your own colors for the headings, body and navigation copy, you can now choose two different colors for the overall layout. This way you can easily adapt it to your own brand and suit your tastes better.

Rhetoric is also responsive, just like all of our premium themes. We have carefully designed it for optimum readability on every device, so the reading experience becomes superb, to say the least. The whole theme heavily emphasizes the use of individual blocks to separate the different content areas, so the information is clearly segregated into easily-readable chunks. As a premium WordPress theme, it comes with plenty of options that let you tweak how all the elements behave with only a few clicks.

We hope you enjoy using this theme!

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