Hi there! Since it’s been a while, we wanted to show a bit of what’s in the works for the coming days. We’re preparing to deliver some great themes, and this is the first of them. Also, it’s our first blogging WordPress theme since we released Illustrious a long time ago.

Rhetoric is a very straightforward theme. Its main focus is blogging, although it has full support for news and magazine sites. For this theme, we wanted to go a step further and provide a great variety of post formats to the user. As such, it comes with support for the quote, link, aside, and gallery post formats.

When building the theme, we also stopped to think about a blogger’s needs and what he/she would benefit form the most. We added plenty of spaces where you can insert advertising banners, so you can add them at any time without needing any plugins. This is in addition to all the options provided by the CPO Core, of course.

In short, Rhetoric is a really flexbile blogging WordPress theme for all kinds of online publications. The theme will be released soon, so be sure to keep an eye on it!