A new WordPress theme is here! Today we’re pleased to announce the release of Eloquence, a theme highly focused on blogging and magazine-like content. Currently, the only theme dedicated to bloggers we have is Rhetoric. We wanted to expand our collection a bit in this regard, as blogs have never been better in terms of growth. We also wanted to offer a blog theme with a few more features to make it more flexible.


Eloquence has been designed with a clear and neutral design in mind. It makes selective use of colors for the main navigation menu and other design elements, which you can customize at will to give it a personal touch. It has a heavy emphasis on readable and clean typography, using a larger font size for optimum legibility. Since the theme is fully responsive, it will look great on any device or screen resolution. We’ve also taken an extra step, and added a larger screen size for those of you who use high-resolution monitors. Even at 1920px wide, the theme will remain sharp and readable.

For this theme, we wanted to try something different from the usual homepage slider included in most themes. While Eloquence has a normal, rotating slider, we’ve also added a secondary slideshow that runs at a different pace and stands to the right of the primary slider. This new slideshow contains a number of featured blocks arranged in groups of four (except for the first set), creating a metro-like vibe carousel of featured content. You can add posts and pages to both of these sliders as you please, much like you’d do with our free WordPress theme Intuition.

wordpress-post-formatsTo top it all, Eloquence features up to eight different post formats. We’ve added support for each of these formats so you can tailor the design of the theme to your content strategy, being able to create content-driven pages full of life. Among others, we’ve included support for slideshows, galleries, links, quotes, statuses, or aside-like posts. With these, you’re sure to have a lot of freedom when publishing new content!

Eloquence is available from on now to any new and existing subscribers of CPOThemes. If you’re a subscriber, you can go grab it right away from your personal dashboard. If you haven’t subscribed yet, what are you waiting for? You can get all of our themes for only $60 per year!

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