It’s time for a freebie! A while ago we wrote an in-depth guide on how to take your pages to the next level using WordPress shortcodes. In it, we explained the various ways you can use shortcodes to do much more than buttons or contact forms. In fact, you can use them to outright design entirely original page layouts. Still, working with shortcodes can be fairly tricky. That’s why we’re doing a small giveaway to make your life easier.

Premade Pages For Any WordPress Website

The freebie consists of three beautifully designed WordPress homepages, each with a distinct focus on a website style. We designed them thinking about the three major kinds of websites: blogs, corporate/portfolio sites, and software/product sites. Each of them is entirely crafted with shortcodes, meaning you can install them and then modify them as you wish.

homepage-blogBlog Homepage

The blog homepage is built with a special focus on content and authorship. It will feature your latest posts, and showcase your best content like a full-fledged corporate site.

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homepgae-corporateCorporate Page

The corporate WordPress homepage is designed with professionalism in mind. If presents a wide range of features, skills, and testimonials, making it perfect for any online business.

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homepage-softwareProduct Homepage

The product homepage is great for displaying your online goods. It can be something as simple as an ebook, or a full-blown mobile app.

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How To Create A Custom WordPress Homepage

These pages have been created using our free plugin, the CPO Shortcodes. This means you can install them on virtually any theme, and they will still look great. If you don’t have a website set up, we recommend using Intuition, which is totally free and you can get it at the official WordPress repository.

To install these pages, you need to do the following:

  1. Download and install the CPO Shortcodes plugin in your WordPress site.
  2. Download this freebie, located at the bottom of the post.
  3. Unzip the compressed file, and you’ll find three text files containing all the layout.
  4. Create a new page and then switch to the Text view of the visual editor.
  5. Then, simply paste the contents of one of the text files, and you’re done!
  6. If your theme supports it, you should use a full-width template without sidebar for best looks.
  7. Additionally, to place your newly created page on the home, you should use the Reading Settings to do so.

So, what are you waiting for? Download this freebie and start creating your own custom pages with no effort!

Download The Homepage Designs