We’ve been working lately on improving our premium themes, and we’re proud to announce a double update! We just released new features for both Pragma and Practical that will surely come in handy for most people:

  • You can now add custom CSS and Javascript right from the Theme Settings! This allows you to update your themes seamlessly, while keeping all the customizations you’ve done so far on your site.
  • The CPO Core now comes with a Twitter Widget. You can use it to display as many tweets as you can from a Twitter user. As this is an improvement that’s part of our CPO Framework, it will be a standard feature in all of our current and future themes.
  • Both themes now have a more flexible lightbox for the default WordPress gallerry. Additionally, the lightbox will only work when the gallery is set to display the actual file instead of the attachment page.

As usual, if you’ve bought either theme, you can go to your ThemeForest account to download the updated versions. If you’re a new buyer, what are you waiting for? go get them at ThemeForest!