Our very first plugin is here! We are pleased to announce the release of CPO Shortcodes, a premium WordPress plugin that contains all the shortcodes available in our premium themes. We’ve been making plenty of changes and improvements in order to release this, and we’re sure you’ll love it.

CPO Shortcodes allows you to create stunning pages with the aid of interactive design elements, such as counters, buttons, toggles, and more. The plugin provides over 30+ different elements for you to work with, and it’s designed to be compatible with any theme. For those using our premium WordPress themes, we’ve optimized the plugin to integrates seamlessly and look even better.

With this plugin, we’re essentially eliminating any lock-in caused by the use of our shortcodes. We feel that content should be, whenever possible, separate from layout, and this release serves as a way of making that difference crystal clear. From on now, we will be separating the shortcodes from our CPO Core in order to optimize the whole codebase. That way you can get the shortcodes straight from the WordPress repository, so you can install and upgrade directly from your WordPress dashboard.

This premium-level plugin is available for free to everyone, and has now been included in the WordPress repository. So, if you want to grab a copy, simply go into your WordPress site and install the CPO Shortcodes!