If you write a lot of posts per day and have a content strategy set up already, chances are you already know about this little feature. But for those of you who don’t, did you know WordPress allows you to schedule your posts so you can plan ahead?

This is a neat feature that’s been in WordPress since a long time, effectively giving you control over how your content is released. It lets you plan ahead and write everything in one go, so you can then mark each post for release at a certain time. As a result, it is an essential tool for copywriters that have an established publishing calendar.

The publishing date of a post can be changed in the small box that contains the Publish/Update button. If you click on the Edit button right next to where it says ‘Publish Immediately’, the box will open up and allow you to set up a specific date and time. If you do set a different date, be sure to click on Update to save your changes. Setting up a post for future publishing sets its status to Draft, which means nobody except for logged in administrators and editors will be able to access it.

Remember that the publishing time goes hand in hand with the time zone set in Settings > General. Be sure to set it to your local time (or any desired time for that matter) so your posts will be made public at the right moment.