Although we don’t normally announce theme updates on the blog anymore, this one’s a bit special. Panoramica is the most popular WordPress theme we have by far, and as such we have completely revamped it into a brand new layout. This update may as well be considered a new release, as we’ve completely rebuilt it from the ground up.

A Much Better Layout

We’ve taken plenty of steps to make a significant update to the old theme. First off, it has a more compact design, while also remaining fluid. The overall layout has also been extensively tweaked, resulting in a more attractive appearance. The resulting theme is the culmination of all the feedback we’ve received over the year from all kinds of people using it.

Panoramica has also been updated with the latest CPO Core version. This puts it on par with other premium themes as it comes loaded with shortcodes, widgets, multilingual integration, and more.

Panoramica Professional Coming Soon

Best of all, Panoramica continues to be a completely free theme. However, we’re also preparing a premium version for those who’d like a bit more power. It will be released very soon, and will have lots of additional features just like our other premium WordPress themes. some of these include the ability to change the theme’s colors and typography, to choose between different layouts and headers, or even different portfolio and blog templates. If you liked Panoramica, you’re sure to like the Professional version.

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