As we mentioned a few days ago, we’ve been working on a cool update for the CPO Core, the one which powers all of our themes. Today we’re finally releasing it! This update brings some performance tweaks, but best of all, a lot of new shortcode related improvements. There are now many more shortcodes for you to use, as well as a lot of improvements in existing ones. The following is an extensive list of the new features:


The button shortcode now allows you to choose from a variety of colors. You can make use of any of the prestyled colors to add your own youch, or simply leave the default color which is unique to the theme youre using.

Red Button Green Button Blue Button

Social Buttons

There are now up to three shortcodes for displaying social buttons! You can embed buttons from Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus, and choose what styling you wish to use among a large variety of shapes.

[fb_like] [gplus position=”left” width=”80″] [tweet position=”left” width=”60″] [divide]


You can now add accordions! These can be ussed to create toggles wich show and hide content as you please. They can be customized with the title you want, and set to appear opened or closed by default.

Title of Accordion


You can now add separators to create content breaks. You can also add a link that redirects back to the top of the page.

Improvements to Columns

Columns have received additional improvements! Now these shortcodes will properly avoid adding empty paragraphs and closing HTML tags when you add them.

New Shortcode Documentation

Furthermore, we have heavily refined the shortcode documentation in our site. Before, we had virtually the same content in both our site and our demo pages, with the demos showcasing too little of what the shortcodes can do, and the documentation detailing too vaguely how to implement them. That is no longer the case, and you can find the demo pages now feature richer content, such as in the Appstract theme.

As for the shortcode documentation, you can find it here:

View Shortcode Documentation