These days we’ve been working on improving our systems quite a bit, and we’re proud to announce that we’ve just deployed a few new changes! These changes mostly involve the user experience on our site, and we hope they make things a bit easier to manage.

A New Payment Gateway

In the last months, a number of customers have been experiencing problems wher trying to pay using PayPal. This is mostly due to PayPal requiring an account in order to sign up. Since we found no other way to simplify this step, we decided to move away from PayPal and make the change to Stripe Payments.

Now, this change has a couple effects. First and foremost, you can now subscribe to our service straight on the CPOThemes site! The checkout process will no longer take you to an external page (such as PayPal) and back again, so everything occurs right here. All the billing information is securely sent to Stripe’s servers (and none of it kept here), so rest assured. The other advantage is that you won’t need to create a PayPal account anymore if you choose to sign up with us.

So far, Stripe has proven to be a pretty straightforward, no-nonsense service. There are also numerous good reviews about the company, which makes it shine in comparison to some opnions about PayPal. In general, our experience setting it all up has been very favorable, as working with PayPal often meant dealing with a lot of unnecessary steps and a cumbersome system overall.

A Better User Account Panel

We’ve also redesigned the user account panel a bit, and now everything should look way better than before. We have changed the layout so it’s easier to navigate, and we’re also preparing for future additions to the panel.

For now, we have added a more welcoming dashboard header, which will keep you updated on the status of your subscription. You can also use it to log out, or to access your profile information. The contents of the user panel haven’t changed, but we’re planning on adding new resources for our registered users later down the road.