This SEO guide has been made to assist the FlashMoto website owners to optimize their websites. However, we assume that it will be useful to website developers, who are relatively new to SEO and wish to improve their website’s interaction with search engines and users. If you follow the steps outlined below then it will be easier for search engines to index and crawl your content. As per the SEOmoz there are top five ranking factors:

    • Trustworthiness of the domain that is based on Link distance from trusted domains.
    • Keyword use in any place in the title tag
    • The Diversity of link sources
    • The external link popularity
    • The anchor text that is focused on keyword from external links

The above factors do not care whether the website is made in Flash or HTML. If you want to Google to see your website then take into account the above factors. Apart from the above factors, there are some internal factors like sitemaps, meta titles and descriptions, H1 Tags and HTML keywords on the page, which are also important. You can increase your flash site visibility by uniting external and internal ranking factors.

    1. FlashMoto content optimization. How the CMS for flash works:

If the flash content is used effectively can work very well for SEO. As a matter of fact, the flash sites built with FlashMoto have 2 versions:

-> Flash version ( seen by users only)

-> HTML version ( that is seen by users who do not have flash players and search engines)

Flash version:

And the HTML version:

2) Create accurate and unique page title:

SEO is about making minor modifications to your website. You have to write accurate user-friendly and SEO page titles. Strictly speaking, you must create a title that is unique for each page on your site.

2.2) Proceed to the page settings and edit the page (home page) title. This name can be the name of your site or business or some important information. The title for other pages on your flash CMS site may contain the site name or should describe the focus of that page.

3) Improve the URL structure:

The FlashMoto flash CMS provides us a chance to write friendlier URLs, for both search engines and users. Make sure your URLs have relevant words. This will throw more light on the page to users and search engines. And moreover, some users may link to your page using the URL of that page.

To improve the URL structure, go to page settings -> edit URL field.

4) Write the proper description meta tag:

The page description speaks volumes about the page. If you add a meta tag to each page of the site it is a good practice because the Google will use them as snippets for your pages. You can also fill Meta keywords. But Google does not value them. Hence select any page and go to settings-> description (keywords).

5) Make use of Do_not_index and do_not_follow:

This option tells Google not to follow or index those pages in the website. Just check the boxes and you are done.

6) Deep linking. Write better anchor text:

The FlashMoto has resolved the link dilemma when using Flash. From now on Flash allows links to any page of the site that is built with our CMS for Flash. You can create Flash sites which are comprised of many web pages, so the individual states of the app can be linked to. With the result, your users can use the browser’s forward and backward button. The anchor text tells the users and Google something about the page you are about to link. So the users can navigate easily and the Google can better understand what the page is about if the anchor text is more descriptive. In order to create links you have to highlight the important text, then go to Text Object area -> properties and click the link icon. Now the link editor popup will appear.

7) Offer quality and useful content:

It is a known fact that content is king. This content will influence your site more than any other factors discussed in this presentation article. You must create do content mainly for the users and not for search engines like Google. And make it a habit of using your Keywords in the text. Deleting, editing and Adding your page content is a breeze. The WYSIWYG editor visualizes whatever you are doing.

Use appropriate heading tags.

8) Optimize your image usage:

You can also optimize the image usage. You can take advantage of the title and Alt

Attribute for all images. In order to add alt and title for an image you have to go to preferences -> media library.

The media library will open.

To choose it you have to double click on an image. Then the image with its properties will open where you can specify its alt and title.

9) leverage the Google webmaster’s tools and Google analytics statistics.

As a matter of you will not be able to estimate your site productivity, without tracking the traffic that is coming to your site, and discovering the popular content.

You can easily integrate, Google webmasters tools and Google analytics tools through our flash CMS. For this go to Preferences -> website preferences.

The preferences popup will open. Click on the website tab and then choose SEO optimization.

Check the checkboxes as indicated below and furnish the Google Analytics tracking code, filename and Meta Tag for GWT. Now save the changes.