Businesses and organizations can make their websites more interesting and engage through the use of animation on a website. However, this is an upcoming trend, and not many people have yet embraced it. As part of making your website more attractive and driving high traffic, a reputable – Illustration Agency can help you come up with the right illustrations which will be the source of animations for your website.

So, what is this animation that a website needs so badly to make it better? Well, the animation is a 2D image that has been given motion. If you have watched cartoons, then you already have an idea of what an animation is. They use the same concept, including the popular Disney Animation Productions.

When it comes to website animations, they vary in design and purpose, and they highly depend on the creativity of the web designer. Also, their positioning differs in an attempt to make a unique product which will attract the users. Web experts can save them as a video, GIF, WebGL or any other accepted file type.

Understanding the current trends in website animations

A layout where content is ‘King’

Irrespective of the animation design one settles for; it should always focus on letting the underlying content shine and come out clearly. When people log into the website, they should clearly focus on learning more about the intended message without distractions. However, we must say that there has been an evolution from last-minute rushing to design as an afterthought, to a totally well-thought-out incorporation that also engages the users. Surprisingly, this has enabled the whole concept to shift from vague designs to more themed and minimalistic ones with a clear message. As it helps the websites to look neater, the web users get a chance to go through all the information intended for them.

Big and bold concept

It is no doubt that the whole world has agreed that the main focus is on the content which carries the marketing information for users. However, it is also notable that the designers have become bolder in their minimalistic aspect. Apart from being a concept that embraces the content, this merging of generously bold designs seem to merge well with the whole concept of web design. In fact, the experts predict that the next few years will see a great revolution that falls on this idea for the majority of existing and upcoming businesses.

Graphic design layouts to determine the complex designs

Graphic designs where the animation fall is one of the sources people can use to predict where the whole concept of web designs will be in the next few years. As much as the famous CSS tool has had its limitations while making web design layouts, the successor CSS grid – which was welcomed in both hands when it was launched in March 2017 – was a game changer altogether. Designers can now add as many layouts as they wish, and that makes the use of animation even easier and more fun.

Popular tools to use

Having seen the trends and where we expect them to take us, it is time now to have a look at the common tools you can utilize when making an animation for your website. The application designers are already experts who can work well with many software programs to deliver exceptional results when it comes to animating your website. Below are the popular tools they use:

Go Animate

It is a no-brainer that this is one of the most engaging animation-making tools people use. The beauty of using it is that it is interactive and consequently excellent for corporate, busy businesses, and educational institutions that need animations for learning purposes. One noticeable and exciting feature of the software is its pre-made animations that suit different types of users in various sectors and professions.


If you want to take the animation designs and presentations on a website a notch higher, then consider using Vcasmo software. With it, you can rest assured of getting high-quality sound, videos and animations brought together to make excellent products. The fact that it is based in HTML makes it compatible with mobile phones as well as PC computers. If you are running a blog, this is one of the best packages to consider using when making an animation.

PowToon software

For people who are good at using online tools, you have just settled on the best. It does perfect educational animations as well as marketing story telling like the ones we watch on YouTube every day. One of the main reasons people like it is the drop down list of features with great capabilities. Do not hesitate to consider using this tool whether you are an expert or a starter in animation for web designs. PowToon has a gained a reputation for making high-quality presentations and thus earned a good position in corporate marketing.


This is another online-based tool where a novice can make animations for their website without much effort. Similarly, it can easily make high-quality and interactive animations of your choice at an amazingly fast speed – faster than most other tools with an online capability. One must be connected to the Internet to use it. One beauty of using online tools is that they keep updating the animation features to avoid a lot of repetition. To enjoy the full feature of this application, users need to pay a fee which is entirely worth it, in terms of the time one will save.

How to create a web animation

Get a start point

If you have the knowledge in dealing with web animation designs, then you must be an ambitious illustrator or web designer. For people without any background in this, a starting position to learn the basics is paramount. There are numerous websites on the Internet that can help you get this. Ideally, you need access to HTML and CSS since the basics of most animation tools are based on this. JavaScript could also be a good idea for broader acquaintance with tools like the WebGL and Canvas, among others.

Using the web animation tools

This publication has earlier discussed various tools one can use both offline and online. When it comes to tools, they are numerous, and people can choose based on which tool is more is convenient for them. The niche you will be handling can guide in choosing the best tool, as some are better in specific areas than the others. For instance, the PowToon software will be the perfect tool to use when dealing with a marketing video for a client, while Vcasmo will work well for an animation to be posted on mobile web blogs. As an expert, it is prudent to do your research before settling on a tool so you can relate it to the project you have at hand.

Storytelling boards

Irrespective of which animation you are making, you will not escape the storytelling board. It will help lay out the work and express your creativity in a broader way. It is also where one shows which illustration follows the other and plan how they fit together to make a complete move. The sequence must follow the intended theme from start to the end. With a storytelling board, the web designers and illustrators can tell if the connection is lost and easily modify it where necessary.

Prototyping the animations

At this stage, most web animations tools show their difference in abilities. This is where the web designer brings the illustrations to life based on a real video. The more accurate a tool is, the more the illustrations will be near reality. One will have an easy time enhancing popping knees and uncoordinated joints. Tools like Make Web Video will save you an enormous amount of time if people know how to use them. The prototyping is almost seamless with few enhancing requirements. Even though you may be a beginner, the use of the right tools may save you a lot of time.

Web animation API

If you have not taken Javascript carefully, then this is when it comes in handy. As many, if not all, animations will lead you this way due to other platforms used, it is good to have an idea of how to handle this. One can use the inner browser capabilities to create their own tools to manipulate the animations if the provided tools are limiting. This is considered an advanced level task, only necessary after trying and failing on the numerous tools available today. However, it is the best way to customize the animations to what you want as the designer.


Whether you consider using interface element animation, web animation, or the storytelling animation, its success is pegged on an understanding of all the points discussed in this publication. Other types of animations include decorative animations which are not very popular.

Animations are useful in marketing, education, and other purposes like entertainment for kids. If you are a client, the web design and illustration company you hire determines the results you will get. Remember that a nicely finished web animation has a direct effect on traffic building for your website.