Finding the best WordPress host isn’t easy.

I’ve tried quite a few in my day, and recently thought it’s time for me to try out Kinsta’s Managed WordPress Hosting.

From what I’ve heard, it’s absolutely amazing, but you’re here to find out if that really is the case – and, in case you haven’t heard, we actually put things to the test so you can make an informed decision.

The problem is that almost every industry is riddled with fake reviews because affiliates will basically say anything to get you to sign up with one of their partners so they earn a commission.

This makes it really hard to choose a hosting company that you can trust. But don’t worry because that’s just one of the many reasons we take pride in writing honest reviews to test products and help people make the right decision based on actual experience with the product; not just in hopes to get an affiliate commission. 😅

Here are just a few of the things that we’ll be taking a closer look at in this review:

  • Kinsta’s features
  • Kinsta’s dashboard
  • Kinsta’s support
  • Kinsta’s speed/performance and architecture

What can you expect?

If you’re looking for a WordPress host that cares about service quality, performance and experience and are also willing to pay for what I honestly consider to be the best, managed WordPress hosting available – Kinsta might just be the host for you.

Kinsta really has everything you could be looking for in a WordPress host, and (as it should) that comes at a higher price. You pay a premium to have access to more than basic WordPress support, the best architecture, automatic scaling, backups and an intuitively designed dashboard that doesn’t make you dread logging in to manage your hosting settings.

Did someone say Kinsta? 🥰

Although they actually launched all the way back in 2013 (which already feels like ages ago), I really only came across Kinsta about a year ago. Their goal has always been to cater to WordPress users that are ready to look beyond low prices and attractive offers that are willing to pay a premium for a web host that is both fast, scalable and secure.

Admittedly Kinsta isn’t the perfect web host for everyone, but they’re also not trying to be. If you’re just starting out and getting into blogging in your free time, their hosting might actually be a bit overpowered 💪🏼 for you.

That being said, Kinsta is for you if you fit into one of the criteria below:

  • Run a WordPress design/development agency that also hosts their clients’ websites and (obviously) wants to provide them with the best possible service.
  • You run an e-commerce store that needs to process transactions both efficiently and securely but also can’t afford any downtime or having to deal with the downtime yourself.
  • You run a company like one of the ones shown below:

So, if high-quality WordPress hosting is what you’re looking for you really cannot argue with the above…

Best-in-class Architecture

Kinsta is exclusively powered by the Google Cloud Platform which features automatic scaling and is of course, undoubtedly one of the best networks on the planet.

The Google Cloud Platform’s highly scalable architecture ensures that your website always has access to the resources it needs in order to be able to deliver a smooth user experience for all of your website visitors. In other words, with Kinsta you’re always ready for the time when you go viral because they ensure that your website scales automatically.

Through the use of containerization, each website is kept completely separate, meaning they don’t share any resources. They run on their own Nginx, PHP and MySQL instances. One of the benefits of choosing a managed WordPress host for which I think Kinsta is a prime example is that you can stop worrying about tasks like securing, caching and creating staging environments for your WordPress website. The main benefit is that it saves you time but also makes sure that you’re covered in case something really does go wrong (which it likely won’t, especially if you’re hosted with Kinsta 😉

Kinsta actually has 4 different types of caching in place at the server level so that you do’nt need to worry about configurinng additoinnal pluginns or tweakinng your site for maximum performance. Every site comes pre-installed with an in-house caching plugin.

And, just in case that wasn’t enough here are some more features that you have access to:

  • Content Delivery Network (CDN): 50 GB of KeyCDN usage per month on the entry-level Kinsta plan; more on the higher plans.
  • PHP: Switch between PHP 5.6, 7, 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3 at the touch of a button.
  • HTTP/2.0: In use on the servers and the CDN.
  • SSL: Get a free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt, or install your own.
  • SFTP: SFTP access to your webspace for uploading and editing files.
  • Security measures: Lots of measures are in place to keep your site secure, including GeoIP blocking, DDoS scanning, proactively stopping malicious code entering the network
  • Post-hack clean-up services: In the unlikely event that someone manages to hack your website, Kinsta will fix it for free.
  • Free Staging sites: All plans include access to a staging site to easily test and then quickly deploy changes to live sites.
  • WordPress website migration: Free migrations are now available on all Kinsta plans!
  • Support channels: Access to 24/7 support via their on-site Intercom widget.

What Server Locations are Available?

One benefit of being powered by the Google Cloud Platform is that Kinsta is able to make all 18 server locations available to their customers.

20 Server Locations 🤩

  • Council Bluffs, Iowa, USA (us-central1)
  • St. Ghislain, Belgium (europe-west1)
  • Changhua County, Taiwan (asia-east1)
  • Sydney, Australia (australia-southeast1)
  • The Dalles, Oregon, USA (us-west1)
  • Ashburn, Virginia, USA (us-east4)
  • Moncks Corner, South Carolina, USA (us-east1)
  • São Paulo, Brazil (southamerica-east1)
  • London, UK (europe-west2)
  • Frankfurt, Germany (europe-west3)
  • Jurong West, Singapore (asia-southeast1)
  • Tokyo, Japan (asia-northeast1)
  • Mumbai, India (asia-south1)
  • Montréal (northamerica-northeast1)
  • Netherlands (europe-west4)
  • Hamina, Finland (europe-north1)
  • Los Angeles, California (us-west2)
  • Hong Kong (asia-east2)
  • Zürich, Switzerland (europe-west6)
  • Osaka, Japan (asia-northeast2)

Kinsta’s Dashboard

Kinsta’s intuitive dashboard

The Kinsta dashboard is extremely easy to work with and (in my personal opinion) offers one of the best, if not the best, possible experience and access to everything you need to deal with on a daily basis.

You’ll see more detailed documentation of the Kinsta dashboard throughout this post when I look at each of the areas in greater detail, but long story short: It is amazing! 🔥

Kinsta’s Support


As you should expect from a managed WordPress host – support is Kinsta’s nunmber one priority.

But, the difference with Kinsta is that they’ve actually proved that they are able to continuously deliver proactive support on a large scale. It really is just like they say – having a team of WordPress experts at your disposal that respond as soon as you need help, not simply support that slows you down because they end up escalating issues to their superiors or another member of their team…

I can personally verify this because when setting up my test site on a subdomain of I ran into some issues creating the site. I clicked the support widget in the bottom right-hand corner of the dashboard and within just a few dozen seconds later – my issue was promptly resolved without having to waste time replying with multiple explanations of what wasn’t working.

Speed Tests with No Optimization

Like I mentioned earlier, the reason Kinsta can be referred to as the best WordPress host available is that they charge higher prices for a reason – in order to be able to deliver jaw-dropping and industry-leading 👏🏼results.

Automatic Backups

Without even having to configure anything additional, Kinsta automatically backs up your website every day. As you can see above, the test site I had for the purposes of this review was backed up every single day from when I first joined without me ever having to interfere with the backups or double-check that they are working.

Hassle-free staging environments

Setting up a staging environment for a website with Kinsta is really easy. After clicking the ‘Creating A Staging Environment’ button above the staging environment for the selected website will automatically start generating which might take a while depending on the size of your website.

But, don’t worry – you don’t have to stop and wait there, you can always continue managing other websites while that staging area finishes building in the background.

And, in a matter of a few minutes – you’ll be pleased to see that your staging area is ready to be used to make changes before pushing them to your live site.

All of Kinsta’s hosting plans include access to as many staging sites as your heart desires so you can test out plugins, and customizations before pushing them to your live site in a single click.

Additional Tools

Kinsta also includes an additional site settings area that lets you switch PHP versions, search and replace values in your database, issue SSL certificates, enable New Relic monitoring, clear your cache and force HTTPS.

Kinsta Rundown: So, what’s the verdict?

Am I exaggerating? No.

All of the opinions expressed in this article are our own, but it is worth noting that there are affiliate links throughout the article so if I have helped one of you readers out there make a good decision when it comes to WordPress hosting, we are rewarded for it 😁.

Kinsta we’re proud of you.

All things aside, we also know that despite how amazing they are, Kinsta’s hosting isn’t perfect for everyone but thanks to the 30-day money-back guarantee you can try them out without losing a penny if you decide not to continue hosting your website with them.

If you have any additional questions or think we missed something out – feel free to leave a comment and I’ll respond as soon as I can!