After months of hard work, we’ve finally released our second premium theme! This time we’re putting out a corporate/business theme, aimed at both large and small businesses alike. From the theme description:

Practical is a WordPress theme made for corporate & business sites that wish to exhibit their work in a clean and professional way. It comes with plenty of page templates that let you customize the look of your site, giving your brand a unique personality. This theme supports portfolios, testimonials, taglines, and more!

When developing this theme, we wanted to provide our users with even more customization power than with Pragma. We feel that one of the most important things in the web is color, so we went ahead and made a simple interface to choose a single primary color. That color will then be used throughout the whole site, giving it a uniform look no matter the choice. The result? see for yourself:Introducing Practical, a Really Flexible Corporate Theme 1

In terms of features, Practical is a step up from our previous themes. It features not only one, but three different portfolio templates, as well as two different blog views for you to choose. What’s more, it also comes with support for testimonials, as well as taglines/notice blocks that can be configured to appear on many parts of the site.Introducing Practical, a Really Flexible Corporate Theme 2

All in all, Practical is a really flexible theme that lets you customize it to showcase your work in a powerful way. Go get it at our Themeforest page!