We’ve been working this past week to update Illustrious, and it’s finally here. We don’t normally make blog announcements for theme updates, but this one deserves a special mention. Illustrious is our very first release, and our oldest theme as well. It shows its age quite crealy when compared to our more recent WordPress themes, and so we have been wanting to give it a facelift.

Take A Look At Illustrious 2.0

With this update, we have outfitted the theme with the latest version of our core. As you may know, this makes it way more secure, more flexible, and much better coded for customization purposes. It’s also way more compatible with certain plugins, as it follows WordPress standard more closely.

On the outside, we’ve refined its design quite a bit: the theme now has a fresher look, and overall most elements now look better. Besides that, the layout hasn’t changed much, as it has proved to be a winning formula.

Independent Shortcodes

One thing you may notice when downloading the theme is that it doesn’t come with any shortcodes. This is because we’re spearating them from our themes altogether, so you can use them anywhere. We will be releasing our full pack of shortcodes as a plugin very soon, so expect to be able to use them in any theme you wish. Also, they will be completely free to download.

We will be submitting our shortcode plugin to the official WordPress repository very soon. This will ensure you can download it and get updates without any effort whatsoever.