Today we are releasing version 1.4 of Illustrious! After a long while, we’re finally updating our first theme, bringing it in line with the others in our collection. This update brings a lot of improvements, as well as some asked-for features.

Integrated Portfolio

Illustrious now has a portfolio! This means you can add portfolio items and feature your work on it. You can add as many as you’d like, and also create a portfolio page using the new provided template. The latest ones will also be featured in the homepage, provided you use the standard one that comes with the theme.

Updated Framework

Illustrious also comes now with the latest version of our Core, making it the last theme that needed to be released with the latest features we put out last week. This means you can now make use of all the new shortcodes, widgets, and performance improvements that the CPO Core has to offer.

It’s Still Free

One more thing to note, is that Illustrious remains free! You can get it at no cost through our theme page, and if you need any help setting it up you can also check out the theme documentation.

Download Illustrious