Today we are proud to present a new update of our Illustrious theme! This is a rather large update, and it includes quite a few bugfixes along with some new features we’ve been wanting to release.

New & Updated Features

  • Shortcodes! The theme now supports a variety of shortcodes, including buttons, message boxes and column layouts! You can see all the shortcodes in action here!
  • SEO Settings. You can now add custom description & keyword tags to your site, as well as custom tags for the homepage and each post and page. These settings can be activated or deactivated, so if you already use a SEO plugin it will surely not interfere.
  • Sortable Slides and Features. You can now use the Order attribute to sort the slides and Homepage Features in ascending order.
  • Permanent Slider. The slider can now be configured to show up in all posts and pages, not only the homepage.


  • Fixed the calendar widget looking bad when used in the footer sidebars.
  • Fixed an issue when updating posts with custom metaboxes.
  • A handful of CSS details have been corrected.
  • Improved the performance of the Core framework.
  • Reduced the amount of queries to the database for each page load.

For those that have it already, be sure to download the updated version from its theme page. For those who don’t, go check it out! It’s a beautifully designed, responsive WordPress theme, with plenty of features that let you customize its layout and is very flexible. You can see a live demo of the theme right here. And above all, it’s completely free!