You may be wondering if Hostwinds is the perfect choice when it comes to web hosting. Well, we are here to present to you all the pros and cons of this host and let you decide if it is suitable for your needs or not. 

Hailing from Seattle, Washington, and with its data centers in Seattle, Texas, Dallas, and Amsterdam, Hostwinds is a US-based online hosting provider that was founded in 2010. Hostwinds is a customer-centric company, with support for both Windows and Linux users at a reasonable price.

But is it up to the minute with the features it provides?

This article will contain a comprehensive review of Hostwinds in which we will highlight its features, web hosting plan, support, and price. 

Straight away, let’s see what this web host is up to.

Hostwinds Overview


When it comes to web hosting, you should pay attention to platforms that provide a large variety of products. But what should a quality web host come up with?

Well, in terms of hosting services, Hostwinds provides a wide variety of features such as cloud hosting, Linux and Windows VPS hosting, and also inexpensive shared hosting.

Even its price is quite low, starting from $3.29 per month.

The Basic pricing plan offers unlimited email accounts, bandwidth, disk space, subdomains, and databases. It also provides access to Weebly website builder and cPanel, Softaculous one-click installs, nightly backups, a free dedicated IP address, and a free domain.

The only limit here is that you get only a free domain. But if we look at other web-hosting providers, they offer the same thing if you choose a basic pricing plan.

✅ Free migration
✅ Responsive customer service
✅ Free SSL Certificate❌ Limited data server options
✅ Free domain❌ Cloud backups and monitoring with extra fee
✅ Unlimited email accounts❌ Refunds have some conditions
✅ Access to Weebly website builder❌ No managed WordPress hosting
✅ Unlimited disk space
✅ Great uptime
✅ Easy-to-use Control Panel
What’s more?

If you are looking for more resources, you should choose the VPS range that will let you take full control of your website with 1-2 CPU Cores, 1-6 GB RAM, 30-100 SSD Disk Space, and 1-2 TB Data Transfer.

How awesome is that?

You can pick one of the Linux or Windows services, both coming with managed and unmanaged options.

Regarding dedicated servers, there are only four base server types – it is pretty basic. However, you will be able to choose from your needed operating system, storage setup, and version that comes with dedicated IPs and unmetered bandwidth.

The price vs service value offered is quite convenient, starting at $79.50/mo.

You will be able to install and use WordPress by using the commercial script-library, Softaculous.

Let’s go further and dig for more information.

Hostwinds Pricing

Hostwinds prices

The price paid for the services provided by this company is quite affordable for its users. This is where this web host wins the award.

However, the price differs depending on the type of hosting (shared, business, VPS, or dedicated servers) – starting at $3.29/mo for simple shared hosting to $79.50/mo for dedicated servers.

Hosting typeStorageRAM BandwidthStarting price/mo
VPS30 GB1 GB1 TB$5.17/mo
Dedicated Servers500 GB8 GB10 TB$79.50/mo

Some of the web hosting pricing plans mentioned above have different sub-plans. Shared and Business plans come with three pricing plans – Basic, Advanced, and Ultimate.

Also, the VPS includes Linux and Windows services with managed and unmanaged options. And the Dedicated Servers plan has four options to choose from and pay for the provided features.

If you want to cancel your Hostwinds account, you can simply do this from your Hostwinds dashboard. Also, if you are within the money-back guarantee period and want a refund, you will have to contact the customer service.

A ticket with your account cancelation will be generated, so make sure you copy and paste the bold statement. You will receive your money back in a few days.

Hostwinds Features

So, we analyzed the prices that this web hosting charges for the services they provide, but let’s see what the features that make Hostwinds fit your needs are.

Data Centers

Hostwinds data centers

One of the most surprising things is that this company operates in three data centers (Seattle, Dallas, and Amsterdam). While many other companies choose to have a single headquarter so as not to have too high costs, Hostwinds puts customers first.

Their facilities are SAS Type II, audited, and Tier 3 centers – which makes their services among the best.

A wide variety of free features

Taking a look at the features that this web host provides, we can see that it integrates a pleasant variety of freebies. Something profitable that Hostwinds offers is free migration for 60 days.

You can freely move your existing site to the new host just by contacting the company’s technical department. Besides the fact it provides free website transfers, it also offers a free domain name and instant setup. 

Hostwinds web applications

You can take advantage of more free stuff, such as auto-installers, unlimited FTP accounts, and SSL certificates. The standard package will provide you with unlimited email accounts, subdomains, the latest version of Control Panel, and many others.

What’s more? Hostwinds also supplies its services with easy installers for WordPress, VBulletin, and other popular applications.

Uptime Guarantee

Hostwinds uptime guarantee

Hostwinds offers a 99.9999% uptime guarantee, assuring that your website will always run seamlessly.

Some of the reviewers confirmed their accuracy, but others testified that their websites were down sometimes. However, things don’t always go well, am I right?

Operating systems

This web host allows customers to pick many options ranging from disk space, amount of RAM, to bandwidth, and more.

Moreover, Hostwinds is a web hosting company that supports both Windows and Linux users. You can also make up your mind and choose between managed or unmanaged options for both Windows and Linux.

You will pay a bit extra for the managed plan, but I assure you it will be worth it.

Windshield and Windspeed

If you want to enhance your server’s security, this company comes with a Windshield feature that includes firewall setup, security audit, and server hardening services. This is a significant feature that will safeguard your server.

They also offer a Windspeed feature that maximizes your server’s power and speed. They optimize MySQL for your specific application and include performance analysis and apache optimization in this service.

User-friendly web hosting

Unlike other web hosting companies, Hostwinds is really easy-to-use. It includes a Control Panel that integrates a search bar at the top of the page.

What is it for? Well, to make your hunt easier. So, if you are looking for information on your website, you can simply type what you’re looking for in the bar.

Easy-to-create your account

As we mentioned before, the two best features of Hostwinds are its speed and ease of use. Your account will be created in just a couple of minutes.

Step one: Choose your plan

Choose your plan

First of all, you will have to choose one of the web hosting plans that suits your needs. I opted for the shared web hosting and picked the Basic plan.

Click on Order now, and you’ll be redirected to a page with a sign-up section.

Step two: Fill in your personal information

Personal information

Now you have to fill in some personal information such as your first name, last name, email address, and a password of your choice. After you’re done, click on Submit to go further.

Step three: Add more information

More personal information

This section requires information about your company – fill it in and move on to picking your domain.

Step four: Pick your domain

Pick your domain

In this step, you will have to choose a new domain or enter a domain that you already own.

With Hostwinds, you will get a free domain for creating your website.

Step five: Select your contract period

Contract length

Select your contract length (from one to 36 months), your server location (Amsterdam, Seattle, or Dallas), and your pricing plan package (Basic, Advanced, or Ultimate).

Step six: Choose your Add-Ons

Optional Add-Ons

Next, you’ll have to choose (only if you want) between Hostwinds Monitoring and Web Hosting Cloud Backups.

The first add-on will monitor your services and will provide you a ticket if a problem is detected. The second add-on will make sure that your data is safe.

Step seven: Add payment details

Payment information

The final step is to select one of the payment methods and enter the payment details. Check the box where you agree to the terms of services and click Complete Order.

You will receive a confirmation mail, and that’s all for creating your account process.

Although it is easy to use (this is what more experienced users say), you may find yourself overwhelmed with options if this is your first time creating a website. However, those options will not cumber the steps for creating your account.

Manageable Control Panel

As I said before, one of the most important features that this web hosting provides is the easy-to-manage Control Panel.

It integrates tools like Softaculous Auto-Installer, which gives you the opportunity to easily install open-source software like PrestaShop, WordPress, Joomla, and more.

Simple to install CDN

What is CDN? Well, it stands for Content Delivery Network and it’s a functionality that helps your website to take advantage of faster loading speed and prevent downtime. CDN is designed to offer you the performance you need.

So, using Control Panel, you can install the free CDN in just a few clicks. Usually, cheap hosts don’t provide this feature, so that’s why Hostwinds is a profitable choice.

Optional backups

Everything has its price, so if you want to get backups, you will have to pay extra money. Clearly, you can make backups for yourself, but you won’t be able to sit in front of the computer 24/24 and stock your data manually.

It might be a good choice to invest in this.

Hostwinds Performance

Hostwinds web hosting performance

Going back a little bit, we saw that this company guarantees its best performance. But let’s see what services they provide:

  • SSD Drives – they will significantly increase the speed of your server, as they read and write information quickly;
  • Cloudflare’s CDN – it reduces the distance between your visitors and your server, which results in faster load time;
  • Latest Versions of PHP – always up-to-date to the latest versions of PHP;
  • Route Optimized Networking – their services ensure the most optimal upstream path to route your traffic;
  • Litespeed Webserver – it utilizes fewer resources and offers more incredible speeds;
  • Constant Monitoring – they monitor every aspect of their network and infrastructure, resolving issues in no time.

As you can see, they understand the importance of speed, and they always try to improve this service. However, for the price paid, Hostwinds performance looks pretty good.

Although it guarantees a 99.9999% uptime, some customers complained that their websites were down for several days. But as we already said, nothing is perfect.

We ran a performance test using Pingdom. As you can see in the picture below, the site loaded in 588ms. Also, the performance grade is 83/100.

Hostwinds performance

We ran a second test with the help of GTMetrix and resulted in the Hostwinds score with a 93% page speed.

Hostwinds performance

If there’s one thing that Hostwinds shines, that is the loading speed. It has a lot of potential.

Hostwinds Security

Hostwinds security

If you want to create a website, you need web hosting that provides privacy and security. First of all, Hostwinds offers free installation of private SSL certificates.

You can secure your website with 256 Bit Encryption for one to three years at a time. Moreover, SSL certificates will improve your website’s SEO. 

Another advanced feature that will offer robust protection to your website is the Windshield that comes with a systematic security evaluation to find areas for improvements.

With just a firewall, security audit, and server hardening system, your website will be well-protected. Hostwinds also provides a virtual private network that will abolish the risk be tracked by third-party, and identify thieves.

Hostwinds Support

Hostwinds support

When it comes to awards, Hostwinds won the prize for having the best support team and customer services. They take support very seriously and that’s one of the reasons why people choose Hostwinds over other web hosts.

Support features

What makes them shine?

  • 24/7 Live Chat;
  • Phone;
  • Email;
  • Ticketing;
  • Knowledge Base.

We decided to test their live chat response time, and Nyles replied to our question quickly. It only took a couple of seconds.

Hostwinds live chat

As you can see, they take this very seriously. If support is a determining factor in your choice (and it should be), then Hostwinds successfully passed the test!

🏆 Our Verdict

You get what you pay for! Hostwinds shows excellent uptime, and it provides very impressive services – from performance and freebies to capable customer service and an easy-to-use interface.

You can enjoy various hosting services such as shared hosting, business hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated server hosting, managed hosting, and unmanaged hosting.

🥇 Hostwinds provides better performance grades than any other web hosting provider. It delivers the fastest loading speed compared to Liquid Web, Hostinger, and InterServer.

Bear in mind that Hostwinds won three awards for being the web hosting experts that their customers can count on it whenever they need it.

They offer the best customer service and focus on clients and their needs.

Simply put, if you’re looking for a fast, user-friendly, reliable web hosting that is robustly secured and takes support seriously, Hostwinds is your solution. Try it and tell us about your experience with Hostwinds in the comments below.  💬